Sunrise by virtugirl333
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Author's Chapter Notes:
I know that I take a while to updte, but here's the next part! By the way, I ment to strt usng honrfcs last chaptr, but I forgt. They're in this part thogh! Also, any thing Itlc is Japnse.

Alita’s POV:


“Crap.” Flora said as I went back into her room after setting my stuff down in my own. “There’s this thing tonight for the torment. I’m sorry, I was looking forward to hanging out, but…”


“You’re in the tournament?” I asked.


“No, but my father is funding part of it. As his daughter, I have to go with him.” Flora started looking through her closet. “At lest it’s at a trendy night club. You want to come along? It might get kinda dull, though…”


I smiled. This cold be my ticket to find some evidence to take home with me!


“I don’t mind.” I said. “It might be fun!”


“Great!” she said & pulled out a short blue dress. “I’ll get changed & then we’ll get ready to go.”




“Getting board yet?” Flora asked as we walked around the room for the 5th time that night.


“Actually, it’s kinda cool that…um…you know…so many people…” I said. I hoped she wouldn’t see my disappointment. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened yet.


“Nice try.” Flora said. “C’mon, I have an idea.” We made our way to the door of the private room we were in above the club. Making an excuse that we were off to the bath room, we slipped down stars.


“I know the perfect place we can go!” she yelled over the music.




“Tokyo is amazing at night.” I said. It was like it never slept. “I never knew Tokyo was fames for it’s jazz.”


“Yep. Sometimes the best thing when you’re under 21 is to stand out side the different clubs & just listen to the music…”


“There you are!” a voce said in perfect French. “Do you know how much you scared all of us? Jeremy is out of his mind!”


I turned around. “Yumi?” I asked. “What are you dong here? Are the others here too?” There was no way I was gong home yet!


“No, I didn’t tell them where I was gong.”


“Oh, Flora, this is my friend Yumi from school. Yumi, Flora’s a friend of mine who I’m staying with.”


“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Yumi-san. Alita-san has told me nothing of you, but I’m sure she would have said good things.” We all laughed. We decided to cross the street to go into a park & get some peace & quiet.”


“Hey, aren’t those 2 of the athletes in tomorrow’s event?” I asked once we got in. It looked like they were having an argument.


“Let’s find out!” Flora said. We all ducked behind a large bush.


Dude, c’mon! You won last week’s challenge can’t you tell me what the prize was?” The other guy said nothing.

 “You’ve been acting so strange since you got what ever it is you’re hiding from me. Is everything all right?” The other guy finally spoke. “My prize was to prove myself worthy of HIS army. Let me show you what I can do!” At this, electricity flew from his fingers & sent the other guy flying.

"Well, that's definitely not normal." Flora whispered.

Chapter End Notes:
Plese revew!
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