Sunrise by virtugirl333
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Yes, I know it's short, but I can't right acten seqnces, so use your imgnten. Plese revew!

Flora’s POV:


I was suddenly aware of hitting the ground. Hard.


Then, I noticed I was in some kind of forest, & Alita-san & Yumi-san were standing after the fall. At lest, I thought it was them.


“I thought we shut down Lyoko.” Yumi-san said.


“We did.” Alita-san said. “We’re on a Replica. I think XANA made more so that we wouldn’t notice that he’s was trying to kill us.” She turned to me. “Can you stand?”


I stood, kinda embarrassed that I was the only one who didn’t make the landing. “What are you guys talking about? Where are we?”


“Um…well…that’s a very long story…”Alita-san said. “The quick answer is that a virus called XANA that Yumi & I thought was dead is still alive, & we’re on a Replica of a virtual world.”


“You lost me.” I said. Suddenly, 2 huge red…things…came in front of us.


“You have a weapon?” Yumi-san asked as she threw 2 fans towards the things.


“Um…” I looked around. That’s when I noticed my outfit. Holy crap! “Do I?” I asked. Just then a sword appeared in my hand. “I’ll take that as a yes.”


“Good. Hit the symbol on the Krabs.”


Yumi’s POV:


Flora-san was not dong that well. I really hoped that my 1st trip wasn’t as bad as her. Alita & I tried to take them out quickly, but I herd a scream & looked to see that Flora-san was turning into pixels.


“Alita, what happens when we lose our life points if the necklaces brought us here?”


“Um…Right back to where we came from, in theory…”


“In theory?!?!?!”


Just then 2 Tarantulas showed up. “Well, here goes nothing I guess…” I said & threw myself back into the fight.

Chapter End Notes:

I actlly made a doll of Flora in Lyoko, but I'm gong to try to put her on my page so that peple can see her whenver they want! Also, the next chaptr will probbly be the last chaptr in the story. :( But aftr that, I'm gong to write a litle some thing abot a few things I may have left out. If you have a qusten for me, abot any thing (Dosn't have to be plot-relted), leve a revew & I'll answr it at the end! Ask as much as you'd like!

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