Disappearing by Kiwi Lee
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Author's Chapter Notes:
What is. This is frusterating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

’I’m sorry.’’ Odd said, ’’They’re goin’ to turn it off tomorrow.’’    

     ‘’When?’’ I asked as I sat down.  

      ‘’Lunch. But I’m not goin’ to be there.’’ Odd said.  

      We sat in silens and Odd said, ‘’You want to sneak out and watch a movie?’’

        ‘’Sure.’’ I said with a smile. 

       After diner, we went to his room and he got some money and we left. He led me down the tunle exit and we grabbed to skateboards off of a pipe. We got to the movies and watched The Cronocals Of Narnia, Prince Caspine.   

      After that, we got some food at Presto Burger and sat in a booth. Nothing realy happened that night intill we got back to the dorms.

Chapter End Notes:
Boring till the next chatper. I promise
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