Forever by Aelita
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The plane came to a landing a few hours later, after the gang had eaten their airplane food (dear God, how could anyone stomach that stuff and not throw it up?) and Jeremie had panicked about turbulence and demanded to get off the plane RIGHT NOW. It was night, and certain members on the plane were not exactly happy to be flying through the darkness. 

“How does the pilot see? How does he know where to go? He can’t see in the dark!” Jeremie kept saying. 

“It’s called radar, stupid,” Sissi said, rolling her eyes. 

“I can’t even see!” Jeremie continued, paying no attention to Sissi and looking outside the window. “All I can see is that blinking red light at the end of the wing. Is that all the light he has to go by? We are all gonna die!” 

“Shut up!!” William yelled, talking for the first time in the entire book…I think. He turned to face Jeremie and prepared for the longest rant he had ever said. 


… … …I didn’t say it was long. I just said it was the longest rant that he had ever done, and it’s true. William doesn’t talk much unless he’s in love. 

Jeremie turned around in his seat to face front and sighed. Back to the present or whatever. 


So. They all got off and walked into the Miami airport. The gang was extremely confused as to what everyone was saying. Tara had taught Jim and Jeremie some limited English, and Odd the words that meant ‘candy’, ‘food’, or any variety thereof, but that was it. Jim wasn’t even on the trip. Considering how Jeremie was basically an Alakazam in a human body, he remembered everything she ever taught him, so at least that was good. But he didn’t know much. Tara had gotten tired halfway through. 

“What are they saying?” Ulrich, who no one even knew had come on the trip, asked. (A/N: Whenever the Code Lyoko gang or Kadic Academy is speaking, it’s French, unless I say otherwise. Thanx u cookie pplz.) 

“Do you really want me to tell you guys everything that everyone is saying?” Tara asked in amazement. 

“Sure, why not?” Aelita asked. 

“You can understand English, ya dope,” Tara said. 

Aelita, who had spent her time in Lyoko studying every language, even the dead ones, and was fluent in every one, looked at the floor. “Sorry.” 

“I’m not going to tell you guys everything that everyone is saying.” Tara shook her head. “Maybe once in a while something stupid will be said and I’ll repeat it to you in French.” 

“Hooray!” Yumi threw up her hands and accidentally hit Odd in the eye, who dropped to the floor sobbing. It wasn’t really serious…Odd just liked being a drama queen.

Yumi, not knowing this despite all the time she spent with him, went down beside him and said, “I am so sorry, Odd. Soooo sorry. Are you okay? Is there anything I can do for you?” 

Odd lay there on the floor until… 

“What…is that delicious smell?” he asked, sitting up. 

“Uhm…” Tara looked around the huge Miami airport. “…that would probably be…cinnamon buns?” 

Odd looked to have seen the light of heaven. “Cinnamon buns?” 

“They’re good,” Tara said absently. 

Odd shot up and grabbed Tara by the shoulders. “Where are the cinnamon buns?” 

Tara looked at Odd. His eyes were crazy and he looked as if he would faint if he didn’t find out where the cinnamon buns were. She meekly pointed over to the Cinnabon restaurant where they were selling them.

Odd looked over and suddenly he was gone. 

“Oh, great,” said Tara. “We better go keep an eye on him.” 

Team Lyoko left Yolanda and the others to go make sure Odd didn’t spontaneously combust out of excitement when he reached the place. Despite the fact that they were all supposed to stay together, Yolanda was taking care of some kid that had gotten sick on airline food. Being Yolanda, she didn’t think to sue the airline company for everything they got, making her poor student sick. Yolanda’s too nice for that. 


“Wait up, Odd!” Team Lyoko called. They all rushed over to where the strange blonde boy was running to.

He jumped up (being short isn’t a great thing) and looked at the menu. Mostly by the pictures considering he couldn’t read English (didn’t we already go over this?). He pointed to a cinnamon bun practically covered in icing and said, “I want that one, can you buy it for me, please Tara???” 

Tara rolled her eyes and pulled out a couple dollars. “We are not going to make a habit out of this, Odd.” She reluctantly paid for the cinnamon buns and was handed some napkins with three steaming pastries on them. Mostly because she knew one would be for Odd, one for her, and then one for the rest of the cannibals she called friends. They were almost three dollars apiece now and she was trying to save her money from being a prostitute… I MEAN UHM SELLING LMNADE LIK ZOMG …so she didn’t run out as soon as they stepped outside. 

Yolanda led the way, the sick kid being miraculously healed (it helps to have a nurse on the trip), and the small group headed out towards the customs area. The security guards took one look at Tara and let her right through. 

“Yes!” Tara said, and pumped her fist into the air. “It pays off to be an American.” 

After customs (where Sissi got half her lotion confiscated and screamed at the guards in French), the pathetic group of superheroes and normal people went to the entrance/exit of the airport to get into the taxi that would drive them to their THUPER AWETHUM BEACH HOWTH! 20 points for whoever finds out what that was supposed to mean. It’s not that hard xP 


I’m just going to skip to the THUPER AWETHUM BEACH HOWTH because nothing really exciting happened between then and the other then. Yes, I know because I was there, don’t ask me that. 

After putting away all their stuff in their respective rooms (the girls’ was upstairs and had like 3 rooms and the boys’ was downstairs and had like 2 rooms…why am I tellin’ you this?), the group assembled on the main floor, the one you went up the stairs to and had the kitchen and TV and everything. 

“Now guys, I want you to remember that this is America, and there’s going to be a lot of different things that French people don’t do…and vice versa. You’d all be best to ask Tara about how to act here.” Yolanda looked very pleased with her ability to be authoritive. Everyone looked to where Yolanda was gesturing but Tara wasn’t there. “Ugh…now where’d she go?” Yolanda asked herself, knowing this girl was just slightly insane and could be anywhere. 

From the roof of the airport, Tara spread out her arms. The wind from the storm that had just picked up blew her hair and clothes back. “I…am…GOD.”

Chapter End Notes:
Dear God that was awful. Extreme writer’s block for this particular story xP 
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