Saving Sanity by dobermutt
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     Red, yellow, and orange. The colors of the leaves on the trees indicated that fall had arrived. There was the rush of wind and the coolness of the air, it was so clean that it seemed as if new oxygen, that had never been breathed, had come into ones lungs. It was certainly the type of weather for going out and enjoying the day. Fall break had come for the students at Kadic. Aelita was walking through the park, a smile across her face. She slightly skipped as she walked. Perhaps it was the weather that made her so happy, or maybe even the fact that it was break. Whatever the reason, she was happy. Ulrich and Yumi followed close behind, talking to one another.

     “This is wonderful,” Yumi said to Ulrich. “All of the colors, the coolness of the air. It's almost...romantic.”

     Ulrich blushed. “Oh, um, yeah.” He laughed under his breath. “Why? Are you in love?”

     “I don't know,” she answered. “I was just saying. I didn't mean me, specifically.”

     “No, no,” he blushed once more. “I wasn't asuming you meant yourself. Uh, so, where are Odd and Jeremy?”

     “Not a clue.”

     “Jeremy is probably working,” Aelita turned and spoke to them. “You know how he is.”

     “Of course,” Yumi laughed. “We should get him a new hobby.”

     “Or bust up his computer,” Ulrich suggested.

     As they continued walking, Aelita heard the sound of music. It was beautiful and sounded like a guitar. She smiled and almost danced to the music as she continued walking. She assumed it was Odd. Honestly, who else would it be? William maybe? Odd, she mused, most likely. Although, he has gotten a lot better at playing. Must have taken lessons over the summer. She walked a little further, the music getting louder. At that moment, Aelita got plowed over by a skateboarder.

     “Ow! Watch it!...” she looked over and saw Odd sitting on the ground with his purple helmet on.

     “Oops! Sorry, Aelita,” he stood and helped her up. “You see, I was trying to do this cool trick and, well, I got a little carried away.”

     “It's ok, Odd,” Aelita said. “I know that happens often,” she whispered. “So, you've been skating all this time? You weren't playing the guitar?”

     “Nope. Could be William, he had an instrument with him earlier.”

     “Could be. It's beautiful, whoever it is.”

     “Where's Einstein?”

     “Working.” She sighed. “As usual.”

     “Still trying to figure out things about that 'Power Surge' computer, huh?”

     “Pretty much.”

     “Bummer. He doesn't know what he's missing. I would hate to miss out on this weather. Well, see you, Aelita. I'm gonna practice on that trick again.”

     After saying this, Odd got back on his board and continued on his way. Aelita shook her head and walked the opposite direction. What a way to start the day, she thought, too much commotion for one morning. No more distractions, or at least that was her plan. It wasn't too often that one was able to enjoy the weather without thinking about Xana. She walked, again. This time she didn't skip, trying to avoid running into anyone else, or being run over by someone. The music continued. A beautiful sound was being carried throughout the air. Aelita smiled as she heard it more clearly. She noticed William sitting on the ground under a tree. He seemed to be writing.

     “Hey Aelita,” he waved.

     “Hi William,” she responded. “What are you doing?”

     “Oh, I'm just writing.”

     “Not trying to catch up on homework already, are you?” She laughed.

     William laughed in return. “No, no. It's actually a poem.”

     “Who's the poem to?”

     “No one in particular. It's just a way to express myself.”

     “Do you write any music?” Aelita asked.

     “No. I'm not gifted in music.”

     “Odd said you had a guitar earlier.”

     “Hmm? Oh, I was just carrying that for Jim. It doesn't belong to me.”

     “Jim plays?” Aelita asked in shock.

     “I wouldn't think so. He wanted me to take it back to the music room. I don't think it's his.” William laughed at the thought of Jim playing the guitar.

     “Well, I knew he played the trumpet. I was just checking. I'll let you get back to work then. See you later, William.” Aelita waved and walked away.

     Not Odd and not William, she thought to herself, a little confused. Where did Ulrich and Yumi go? I thought they were right behind me...Never mind. Maybe – Her thoughts were interrupted. She nearly tripped and couldn't believe her eyes. She double checked as she walked over to a bench in the park. There was Jeremy, outside and with a guitar in his hands, and he was playing it. Aelita blinked once or twice before walking up to Jeremy.

     “Jeremy? You''re, playing the guitar?” she asked with a puzzled look.

     “Yes,” Jeremy laughed as he replied and stopped playing. “Unless 'nerds' aren't allowed to play.”

     “I'm just surprised to see you, of all people, outside, not working, and playing the guitar. I thought you didn't like music.”

     “Since when? I've always loved music. I just never played anything. But, I've found that I really rather enjoy it.”

     “Do you know any songs?”

     “Maybe,” Jeremy smiled and starred at Aelita as she sat next to him.

     “Really? Is that a yes or a no?”

     His blue eyes sparkled and he smiled again. “I'll play you one, if you want.”

     Aelita blushed and smiled as well. “Would you? I...I'd really like that.”

     Jeremy started strumming the guitar again, the music sounded wonderful and the notes were all too familiar. Aelita hummed and then thought about what he was playing.

     He softly began to sing the lyrics. “Little angel, breathing down your smile. Little angel, could it be a sign? Little angel, you're my beauty queen. Can you break the code and get them out of here? Little angel, trapped inside this stream. Little angel, you're a precious thing. Little angel, keep me from the pain. Can you come to Earth, before I become insane?”

     His voice was slightly deep, but melodious and beautiful. Aelita smiled bigger the more she thought about the fact that Jeremy was singing this song to her.

     “You're the apple of my eye. You are shining way up high. Your reflection makes me feel weak. Trying oh so hard, to keep the memory apart. When I wake up and you'll be free.” His voice drifted off, his guitar playing slowed, and he whispered, “And you'll be free.”

     Aelita grinned from ear to ear, her face was a bright red.

     “Jeremy,” she said. “That was beautiful! Why that song?”

     “Because,” he smiled. “You're an angel.”

     Aw! She thought, I think that I might pass out. Just then, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi walked over.

     “Not only is he Einstein, he's also Beethoven,” Odd laughed.

     “Wow!” Ulrich looked at Jeremy. “That was really good. I didn't expect you to start singing and sound good. I guess I was wrong.”

     “That was wonderful,” Yumi said. “Perhaps you could give Odd a few vocal pointers.”

     “What?! I don't need 'vocal pointers'!” Odd protested.

     “Well, there must be someway to get rid of the squeaky voice then,” Ulrich sighed.

     “Surgery?” Jeremy suggested.

     “Maybe,” Ulrich laughed.

     “Come on guys,” Yumi said. “Let's go to lunch.”

     They all walked towards the lunch room. Aelita was still smiling and probably would be for the rest of the day.
Chapter End Notes:
I always thought Jeremy was cool. Enough said. =D
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