Saving Sanity by dobermutt
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Another Xana moment. =P
     The air became cooler as the sun went behind the horizon. Stars now shown and the moon was a bright orange. The day time had seemed much friendlier today. It was almost a creepy feeling to be outside in the chill. Odd sat up in Jeremy's room, along with Ulrich and Aelita, Yumi had already gone home for the day. He moved his hand back and forth as it hung over the side of the bed.

     “Kinda creepy, don't you think?” he asked Ulrich, who was sitting next to him.

     “It's always creepy when you're around, Odd. But, if you were referring to the weather, yeah, it's also creepy,” Ulrich laughed.

     “Very funny, Ulrich,” Odd laughed under his breath and then sighed. “What do you think, Aelita?”

     “Um, yeah. It's defenitly nicer during the day. This weather makes me think about Xana,” Aelita shivered.

     “You don't have to think about Xana, Aelita,” Jeremy assured her. “You're perfectly fine. I promise.”

     “Hey guys,” Odd spoke up. “I'm writing this song....”

     “Oh no!” Ulrich interrupted. “You? What kind of song? Heavy rock?”

     “Of course not!” Odd snapped. “I'm writing a theme song for us.”

     Ulrich broke out laughing. “Ha ha! Are you serious? Ha ha ha! What is the title? 'Odd the Magnificent'? Ha ha!”

     “No, I actually haven't thought of a title for it yet. And it will not be 'Odd the Magnificent'...No matter how tempting that title sounds. I haven't even thought of the music for it yet.”

     “Well, good luck with that. Maybe when you get far enough we can hear the lyrics,” Jeremy smiled.

     Meanwhile, while the gang was discussing the problems with Odd's song, Seth was walking in the woods. Alone, only the darkness to surround him, along with the presence of Xana.

     “Xana,” he called. “Are you there?”

     “Behind you.”

     Seth turned around to see this shadowy figure standing a few inches from him. The computer's eyes were a glowing white, his figure in the shape of some kind of dragon – only without wings and standing on two feet. A giant Xana symbol was on the creatures' forehead. He stared at Seth and waited for him to continue with his conversation.

     “You're becoming more powerful, Xana?”

     “Indeed,” Xana's voice was low and mechanical. “Thanks to my discovery of the 'Power Surge' I have increased my strength by a small percentage. As you can tell, I am not yet in my full form.”

     “You have another assignment for me then, Xana?” Seth asked his master.

     “Yes,” the computer answered. “The Lyoko 'heroes' have discovered the secret computer...Which contains top secret information. If it ends up in their hands our whole operation could be blown. Not to mention the fact that they could uncover the secret to Belpois virus and where Franz Hopper really is. Why he is still alive, I have not the slightest clue. Perhaps he was just lucky, but that is another matter.”

     “Of course,” Seth agreed. “And the Lyoko warriors must think the same about you begin alive as well. Though they'd much rather have the old man, I'm sure.”

     “Undoubtedly so. Still, there should be no possible way to get him back. But, then again, those kids have always done the impossible. Curing Aelita's virus, for one. Something I didn't expect to be done on any level. You should realize what you're dealing with here. This is no ordinary group of teens, they're warriors for the little hope of the world. To me, they used to be just a speck in my eye, now they have become more and more of a blackout. Secrets, our secrets, could very well be at risk here. One false move or mistake and that could be the end of us as we know it.”

     “I assure you, Xana, I will do my best to keep the master plans safe. What if the 'Power Surge' should fail you?”

     “I have backups. My only concern is the enemy,” the computer hissed. “Franz has given them more information than necessary to find out what I'm up to. Have you been found out by anyone else?”

     “Of course not. My secret is safe from outsiders. To the world, Xana would only sound like some kind of video game. And the gang is still convinced that I must be possessed or something...Or at least Odd is. Gosh, he's so dang annoying! How do you put up with his squeeky voice all the time!?”

     “I don't. If I yell or make unkind gestures at him, he would never hear me. Only one of the Lyoko warriors has made contact with me almost as clearly as you are now.”

     “Aelita?” Seth asked.


     “Really? How so, Xana? Would you give yourself away?”

     “No, it was my intention to reveal myself. The only reason was to show him who he was really dealing with.”

     “What exactly is my new assignment?”

     “To observe their gang more closely. Find out anything you can, weakness would be most helpful. Figure out what they're up to and see if they are close to coming across the secrets to the 'Power Surge'.”

     “It will be done, Xana.”

     “Good. I will leave you then. I have other things to attend, be prepared for whatever happens tomorrow. I have planned an attack. As soon as you notice the weirdness... you should come to Lyoko as quickly as you can. The Lyoko warriors will not wait if something is up.”

     After saying this, Xana took his leave and Seth continued walking in the woods. Alone.
Chapter End Notes:
Think you can guess Odd's song? Lol!
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