Claustrophobia by Kiwi Lee
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Story Notes:
Yes, this is a take off of the season 1 episode of Claustrophobia. After I saw that I had this, more or less, as a dream

       It’s my second day here at Kadic and I’m loving it. Thou the gym teacher, Mr. Morales (Everyone calls him Jim) was surprised that I was good in sports. O.K. I don’t look strong, but I am. He told me to play against Ulrich Stern one day, and that day is today.

        Sorry, my name’s Atina. Atina Ell. But back to what happened.

       Ulrich was sitting with his friends at the soccer field and they looked pretty board to me. I walked over and asked, “Hey, you Ulrich Stern?” 

      He looked at me like, ’Who’s askin’ ’ and said, “Yes.”

       I pulled a soccer ball from behind my back and said, “I heard you’re the best. Wanna play?” 

      “Sure.” he said. Ulrich got up and asked, “What your name?”  

     “Atina.” I said dropping the ball on the ground in front of my feet. “You wanna have a goalie or just us two?” 

      “If you’re so good, no goalie will be fine.” he said with a crud smile. 

      “You’re on.” I said.

       We played a game till we had a big crowd. His smart friend kept score. I think his name was Jeremie. But in the end, he had 24 goals and I had 30.

       “Wow.” he said panting. “You’re good.” 

      “Ya.” I said not panting as had as he was, “and I don’t even like the sport. I just play ‘cos I’m good.”  

     “Huh?” He asked surprised.

       Some black haired girl came over and said, “Ulrich dear, you wanna play soccer. You and Odd against Herve and Nicolas.”  

     “What? You’re not playing?”  he asked sarcastically.

       “I’m a cheerleader.” she said pointing to herself.

       “I can tell why.” I said to Ulrich as I walked past him. I sat down as Jeremie got up mumbling something about a computer program, I think.  

      I watched a few rounds and looked at my watch and saw that I had to go and help them out in the cafeteria. That’s how I was going to school here. I ran to the cafeteria and got the sink ready for me to clean the dishes.

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