Claustrophobia by Kiwi Lee
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       Odd went down to the outlet by him and looked at it. He looked back up at Ulrich and asked, “Xana?” 

      Ulrich pulled out his cell and said, “I’ll call Jeremie.”   

    Than I started to hear an electric pulse above my head. I looked up and saw that electricity was coving the whole cafeteria.

       “Let’s get out of here.” Odd said going for the door.  

      “No!” I said, jumping over the counter. But was too late. He had grabbed the doorknob  and was getting electrocuted. Ulrich bumped him off and Odd fell to the floor.   

     Somehow the principal found out we were incased in an electric jail and brought Jim and Mrs. Hertz. Why her brought her I’ll probably never know. Jim went for the doorknob and got shot back by the electricity. Mrs. Hertz ran to him. Jim got himself up and went off to cut the current.

       Sissi called her dad, who ended up being the principal as Ulrich threw a chair at the window. It bounced back and we all ducked.

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