Claustrophobia by Kiwi Lee
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       I saw Ulrich walk over to the window and touch it. Then I remembered. One time I had been able to control electricity. I walked over to the window and put both hands to the window. It didn’t hurt so I concentrated to the pulses of the electricity. Some how my pulse follows. My hair went on end and I guess Theo saw what I was doing.   

     He ran over to me and bumped me off the window. “What are you doing!” he said to me.  

     “What does it look like, trying to find a way out!” I said getting back up.        “You could’ve been kill…” I cut him off.  

     “No I’m not.“ I said. “I’m alive by electricity, so I can touch electricity.”   

     “What do you mean?” Odd asked me as he walked over to our conversation.  

     “I’ll tell you latter,“ I said. “But now I can’t do what I was trying to do.”  

     “What not?” Theo asked. 

      “You cut my connection off.” I said crossing my arms.

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