Amnesia by Kiwi Lee
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Story Notes:
You have to read the first one in the set! If you haven't, don't read this till you have! D'accord!

       I guess you could say today went on pretty good. If you haven’t noticed, or haven’t read the last one in this series, this is my blog like diary of weird events of my new school, Kadic Academe. My name is Atina Ell and today went weirder than three days ago.

       We were all in the science room with Mrs. Hertz talking about the nao-doctors. ”Here we have the nao-sphere.” Mrs. Hertz started off with showing us a ball like glass inside of a mettle frame. ”The nao-tech service was kind enough to lend us. Who can tell us what nao-technology is?” 

      Of course, Herve raised his hand so that everyone could see and Jeremie just held up one finger. 

      “Jeremie, go on.” 

      “It’s micro sized technology. There are nao-motors, nao-circuit boards, and nao-gear.” 

      “Exactly, in the metical field, there are scientist that are working on creating nao-doctors.” Mrs. Hertz said, adding on to Jeremie’s.  

     “Are these robots capable of fighting off pimples, cellulite, and things like that?” Sissi had to ask. 

      Every one in class laugh as Mrs. Hertz said, “Yes, they can, but the priority is for more serious illnesses.”

       “And nao-technology can’t do a thing about stupidity,” Odd said about to die from laughing, “poor Sissi, what a shame.”

       “All right now, quiet down.” Mrs. Hertz said, back to her old self, “So this nao-sphere is used to make the microscopic devises.” She took the led off and said as she saw some blue gunk, “Strange, it hasn’t been cleaned properly. There‘s gelatin inside.” 

      “Looks like the grease stuff Odd puts on his hair every day.” Ulrich said with a laugh.

        “Well, since you think you’re so clever, Ulrich, why don’t you take a sample for us to examine.”  

     He took the glass like sheet from her and dipped it in the gel.

       “The gelatin is used as a cutler where nao-devices can develop.” She said.  

      “It looks kinda like jam.” Ulrich said as he went to sniff it.

       Odd grabbed the back of his head and shoved it to Ulrich’s nose. “Sorry, but I just couldn’t resist.” Odd said to him.

       “I’ll get you for that, Odd.” he said as I cringed as I noticed something like a bug go into his nose.

       “This is a science class children, not a comity club.” Mrs.  Hertz said, putting the led back on the nao-sphere.

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