Amnesia by Kiwi Lee
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       Latter that day, I was sitting with two of my now good friends, Paul Gaillard and Tania Grandjean. (Paul’s got glasses and said that he sometimes starts some of the food fights, but said he wouldn’t on my lunch duty days and Tania is a brunette, like me, and wears all black.) Thomas Jolviet couldn’t be there because of something the teachers had him doing. We were sitting on a bench talking about a new video game that had just come out when I felt myself start to listen to the group next to us. It was Ulrich and his gang. (I finally found out what that Japanese girls name was. It’s Yumi.) 

      Ulrich was unwrapping a chocolate dessert and Odd asked, “Hey, could I have some of that?” 

      “Here.” Ulrich said, putting the candy right in the middle of Odd’s forehead. “I warned you!” He said as his friends started to laugh. 

      “Ya. Ha, ha.” Odd said, not to happy. “But taking advantage of my sweat tooth wasn’t fare.” Odd got a napkin from  his pocket and wiped off the remaning chocolet.

       “I said I…” Ulrich started to say, than I heard something like he was having problems. Me and my friends all turned around and saw that he was falling.

       “Ulrich,” Yumi asked, “What is it?” 

      “Ah! It’s my head! I, ah!” He said as he fell to the ground.   

        I called to Jim as he noitesed what was going on and he came over. “What’s going on around here?” He asked. 

      “Ulrich pasted out.” Yumi said, as if it was no real big deal.

       “I’ll take him to the imfermery.” Jim said as he picked Ulrich up.

        As he walked away Jeremie said, “He was just fine this moring.” 

      “Ya, it’s really weired.” Odd said.

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