Amnesia by Kiwi Lee
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I went to the infirmary after I saw Sissi heading that way and ended running into the nurse. I let her go out the door and went to the nurse’s door. I cracked the door open just enough to see in. Sissi had goten next to him on the bed and was playing with his hair. He got up and Sissi looked scarred.  

      “Where am I anyway?” Ulrich said, looking around.

       “In the infirmary.” Sissi said. “you pased out.” 

      “The infirmary?” Ulrich asked. “What infermery?” He walked over to the mirror and asked, “Who am I? What’s my name?”  

     “Ulrich” Sissi said. 


      “You must of hit your head when you fell down.” Sissi said going next to him. 

      “And who are you?” he asked Sissi. 

      “Me? I’m Sissi.” Sissi said, “Sissi, your sweetheart!” 

      Ulrich grabbed the egde of the sink by the mirror he was at and started to mummble things, “You’re kidding. I’m alrgit to anyone who’s conseted. You’re your own favort fan club.”

       Right after that, I heard the nurse came back and I ran for it, right out the door. When I was outside, Jim was carring a little black girl I’ve only seen once. It look like she had fanted too.

       After they went in, Ulrich being pulled by Sissi, came out. “See those three kids over there.” Sissi said, pointing to his real friends, “They’re your worst enimes.”  

     “But why?” Ulrich asked her but got no response.

       I went to find Paul and Tania and told them, “I’m goin’ to play a little detective, you wanna come?”  

     “Sure.” Paul said right away and Tania follow us. “Who we spyin’ on?” Paul asked me.

       “Ulrich and Sissi.” I said pointing to the new cuople and their kids, Herve and Nicolas. Ulrich was drinking out of the coke can I had just seen in Herve’s hand and Sissi grabbed his arm. Ulrich gave the soda back and followed.

        We ran after them as they went into the park. We got our selves behind some trees and noticed Odd was doing the same thing as we were. Only Odd had made one big mistake. He was behind the tree right behind the new couple.        Sissi cave Ulrich a cockie and said, “Here, you need the energe.”  

     Ulrich took the cockie, not looking hungery and took a bite out of it.  

            “Ulrich,” Sissi asked, “What do you feel, knowing you’re with the pertyest girl in school?” 

      “To be honist, well, nothing.” Ulrich said.  

     “What did you say?” Sissi said.

       “What I mean is, you’re realy not my type.” Ulrich said standing up.

       “At least he’s not completely out of his head yet.” I heard Odd say.

       Ulrich heard him as well and jumped over the bench. “Hey, what’ya doing!? Spying on me!” 

      “No, Ulrich,  I was just…” Odd said, backing up to were our trees were. I held my breath as they kept going. 

      “You’re a lier!” Ulrich said.

       “Ulrich, cut that out!” Odd said, they were still backing up. “We’re buddys, remember!” 

      “That’s not what she says, so get out of here, and make it fast!” Ulrich said getting ready for a fight.   

     “Ok, Ok, Don’t get all worked up.” Odd said. He turned around and left.  

      As he did so, Ulrich grabbed the branch to Odd’s tree as a nother headake came on.  

      “Ulrich, are you alright?” Sissi asked, going over to him. “Come on. Come sit down, you need to rest.” 

      “I’m sorry, but, what I nead is to be alone.” he said walking away in our directon. He didn’t see us and we wated for Sissi to leave before coming out.

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