Spying 101 by Kiwi Lee
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       ‘’Come on you stupid rock!’’ I said threw grinding teeth. I was laying down a pathway for my mom. She wanted it from the back door to the berry garden in the back by the tree and fence.  

     Next to my house was a park. People walked over there all the time. But that’s not what caught my attention. Three men, dressed all in black, were sitting on a bench watching me. I continued to lay down the stones, keeping one eye on them.   

     Once I was finished, one of them came over and leaned on the fence. In ruff English he said, ’’Whould yu like a go a French school?’’    

   ‘’Yes, I would.’’ I said, pretending to be interested and trusting. ’’What’s in it for you?’’   

    ‘’Je just need some une a get Kadic a find a computer. If you say yu will go, je will tell the rest.’’  

     ‘’But I don’t have a passport.’’ I told him, ‘’And my parents are defiantly not paying for an air plane ticket, plus I don’t know French.’’  

     ‘’Je have un translator tu can use et will pay pour yur passport et trip.’’ 

      ‘’All Cool.’’ I said, really interested now. ’’Now just talk to my parents and I’ll be packin’.’’

       He talked to my parents and some how they agreed. 

      I packed my bags and left with them. Since school was going to start in two weeks, they had to fill me in.   

    ‘’We need you to find a computer.’’ he told me. 

      I could understand him perfectly because I had the translator on. It was made of a bracelet, hearing aids, and a pop in tooth brace. The bracelet was suppose to help me write in French, even when I was writing English. The hearing aids helped me hear in English and the tooth brace helped me talk in French.  

     ‘’The computer is controlled by kids that go to Kadic Academe. That’s the school you’ll be going to. Our specialist in computers has been talking to a Odd Della Robbia. We have reason to believe that he’s part of the group.’’  

     The dude next to me in the car gave me a laptop. The man driving continued to talk.   

     ‘’In that laptop he just gave you is a link to a internet chat room. You have been talking about wanting to go to his school for months but your parents wouldn’t allow it. Read the old pages and continue to talk to Odd. He may help. Get into the group of who Odd’s talking about and find the supercomputer.’’  

     The wind blew my light blue hair in my mouth and I spit it out.

       We got to the air port and One That Talks came with me. I gave him an Indian like name that sound good for me to call him. He said, ’’I’ll go to France with you so it looks like your father dropped you off.’’    

   I nodded my head then asked, ’’What’s my name?’’     

  ‘’Your name’s Alis Zulrich. Your father is a computer wiz and your mother is a stay at home mom. You live in a big house in America.’’   

    It took about two hours to get onto the plane. We finally arrived in Paris, France. It was 1:25 in the morning, so we got a hotel room.

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