Spying 101 by Kiwi Lee
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       I went to the dorm building and got back to my room. I reached into my soaked pocket of my blue jeans and found my key.       

         I went in and found Yumi sitting on the bed opposite of mine.  

     ‘’Nice weather out there, hu?’’ I said to her. She looked up from unpacking and said, ’’Ya, this morning, it was so clear.’’  

     The room was surprisingly light, for the power was out.  

     A knock on the door and I said, ’’Come in.’’  

     It was Jeremie. He looked worried sick. Odd and Ulrich came in behind him.    

   ‘’What’s wrong?’’ Yumi asked.  

     ‘’Aelita just got sent to the hospital.’’ Jeremie said. It sounded as if he was fighting emotions.   

    ‘’They said, she’d be lucky to come out alive.’’ Ulrich told us.   

    ‘’What?!’’ Yumi and I said together.  

     ‘’She fainted at lunch.’’ Odd said. ’’Right after the re… the storm started.’’ 

      ‘’And the electricity went out.’’ I said. I bit my lip to stop me from saying anything else.   

    That night, Aelita was spending the night at the hospital in till she was better. They said she was in a comma. The electricity was still out.

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