Spying 101 by Kiwi Lee
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       It was past 10:00 pm. Jim Morales roamed the halls. ’’Yumi’s parents had to stop calling her!’’  I thought.   

    I was already in bed, facing the wall. ’’All of these secrets.’’ I thought, ’’Sometimes I wish I could just die. Than I wouldn’t have to worry about anything.’’   

    I didn’t notice, but I had started to cry. Yumi heard me and hung up with her parents. She sat in the edge of my bed. She patted my shoulder and said, ’’Are you alright?’’ 

      I tried to steady my voice, but it didn’t work. ’’No.’’ I said about to break.    

   Than I lost it. ’’I just want to die.’’ my nails went threw the pellow and got stuck.  

      I sat up and tried to get them out without ripping the pellow anymore than it was and said. ’’The world’s wanting to kill me anyway.’’   

    ‘’You don’t know that for a fact.’’ she said in a nice, sweet, voice.    

   ‘’You try having too many secrets that if you tell anyone about them, you or the world or even both will explode.’’ I said. Tears were streaming down my cheaks. I put my face to the pellow.


       Yumi patted my back and said, ’’Ya, I know.’’ She went over to her bed and layed down. She covered her head with the blancets and whispered, ’’I know too well.’’

Chapter End Notes:
A kid spy, not the best of ideas
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