Spying 101 by Kiwi Lee
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       Over at the hosptal, Aelita’s heart was beating slowly. Two doctors were talking about her and the generator.     

  ‘’If she doesn’t come to soon, she’ll die.’’ one said    

     ‘’There’s got to be a way to save her, Dave.’’ the other one said. 

      The lights overhead blinked as the power came on just as the generator died.  

     The pink haired girl in the hospital bed woke up as her heart beat went faster.   

    ‘’Equces me, sirs.’’ she said, ’’could I have some food?’’  

     They happily got her a tray of food and she eat all of it.   

    ‘’Call her school.’’ the other man said to Dave.  

     He ran to the front desk and diled the schools number.  

     Mr. Delmas answered the phone and started, ’’Kadic Ac…’’

       ‘’Sir, your little pink haired girl is awake.’’ Dave interrupted.   

    ‘’Excuse me?’’ Delams asked.    

   ‘’The pink haired girl, uh, Aelita Stones. She’s awake.’’   

    ‘’Why that’s great news. I’ll send Mr. Morales and one of her friends to help her back.’’ Delmas said. 

      ‘’I’ll call you when she’s ready.’’ Dave said and hung up the phone.

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