Spying 101 by Kiwi Lee
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       ‘’Mrs. Hertz?’’ Delmas said coming into our classroom. Mrs. Hertz stopped with what she was doing and let him tack over.    

   ‘’Jeremie Belpois, could you come with me, please.’’   

    Jeremie got up from his seet, grabbed his bag and walked out the door.  

     Once in the hallway, Delmas asked, ’’Jeremie, you are good friends with Aelita Stone, Right?’’   

    ‘’Yes sir.’’ Jeremie said.   

    ‘’You and Jim will pick her up as soon as we get the call that she’s ready.’’   

    Jim Morales came down the hall and said, ’’Sir, Aelita’s ready to be picked up.’’ 

      ‘’Good, you and Belpois can go and pick her up now.’’ Delmas said. And that was the last thing I heard. But the first thing Mrs. Hertz did that day was give us homework.    

   At lunch, Aelita joined us. She was a little out of it still, but when I asked her, she said she was fine.

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