Spying 101 by Kiwi Lee
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       We got to the infirmary and the three men in black were waiting for us.  

     ‘’Thank you, Zulrich, we’ll take it from here.’’ the one that talks said. 

      The other two grabbed Odd and Ulrich. 

      Jeremie almost dropped Aelita when he saw them. The MIB (men in black) put hand cuffs on Odd and Ulrich while TOTT (the one that talks) cuffed Jeremie. They didn’t worry about Aelita. 

      ‘’What are you gonna do to them?’’ I asked him.  

     ‘’Eleminat them.’’ he said.  

     At that, Urich started to fight more. Odd looked at me. I looked at the door as it opened to see Yumi standing there with a wondering face. They hand cuffed her and dragged her over to her friends. Her hair got in her face as she looked up at me.  

     ‘’Trater!’’ she shouted.   

     I didn’t say anything. A millon thoughts flew through my head and I picked one. I ran at the closest MIB and grabbed his gun. He wasn’t expecting it and I was purrty quick. I stude behind him and said, ’’Drop the kids!’’ I had the musle pointed straight at his back. He turned around, reaching for me and dropping Ulrich and I shot him.  

     He fell to the ground and I turned to the other two.  

     ‘’If you hert even one hair off of my friends,’’ I said, ’’You’ll end up like your friend. When I agreed to help you, I just wanted to destoy the computer. But the kids are clean.’’   

    Jeremie, Odd, Ulrich and Yumi were still cuffed, but the MIB weren’t holding them anymore. Jeremie got himself over to Aelita. She was still unconsish. 

      ‘’She’ll never wake up.’’ TOTT said. ’’She’s an AI. We shut down the supercomputer.’’       ‘’Aelita!’’ Jeremie said.   

    ‘’Unlock them.’’ I said, pointing the gun to TOTT. He pulled out a set of keys and unlocked them all. 

      The other one made a move to grab his gun while I was watching TOTT and was about to get shot.  

     ‘’Alis!’’ Odd screemed. 

      I moved the gun and shot the MIB. He fell to the ground and his gun flew over to Odd’s feet. 

      He picked it up and pointed it to the last one standing.  

     ‘’Please, make a move to your gun. I don’t kill unless selfdefense.’’  

     ‘’Ya, what about your dog and grandparents?’’ he asked me.  

     ‘’I was five, grandma and granddady got on my nerves. Tuff Tuff got in the way. One bulet went through all three. I didn’t know any beter.’’ I said. 

      By this time, I guessed the prinsipal would have called the police and they would be at the door any mineut now.

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