Spying 101 by Kiwi Lee
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       ‘’Hey could you show me around campus?’’ I asked.  

     ‘’Can’t. I’ve got to do something I forgot.’’ Jeremie said.    

   ‘’Well I can.’’ Aelita said.  

      Jeremie waved and went to the dorms.  

     ‘’You know were the dorms are, do you know were your classes will be?’’ she asked me.  

     ‘’Ya.’’ I said pulling out a folded sheet of paper from my back pocket. I showed it to her and she looked at it.   

    ‘’Hey this is the same exacted schedule I have.’’ Aelita said.   

     ‘’It is.’’ I said. ’’Well that makes it easer.’’  

     ‘’Ya, come on.’’ Aelita lead me over to the science building. She showed me Mrs. Hertz class. Once she was done with the list, she asked, ’’You know were the cafeteria and office is, right?’’  


   ‘’Well, I guess that’s it.’’ Aelita said.

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