Spying 101 by Kiwi Lee
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       I took in a deep breath and smelled something I couldn’t identify. ’’What’s that smell?’’ I asked her.   

    ‘’Which smell.’’ she asked back, ’’There’s so many smells here.’’  

     ‘’The one that’s got eggs, crème, and I think, nutmeg.’’    

   ‘’Could be lunch.’’ Aelita said, ’’It sounds like crêpes.’’   

    ‘’France just smells so different.’’ I told her. ‘’In America, most of what you can smell is grease from fast food joints.’’  

     I looked around and noticed we were back in the park. ’’Who’s Xana?’’ I asked. ’’Is it like a band or something?’’   


    ‘’Ok.’’ I said, closing the matter. ’’I’ll Google that when I get back to my room.’’ I told myself.  

     The bell rang and I jumped a bit, not expecting that  it would be as loud as it was so far away from the source.    

   ‘’Lunch time.’’ Aelita said, ’’Follow me.’’ she lead me to the long, windowed building. I went in and looked around.   

    People had already filled in. Most were in line. The teachers were sitting at a table getting waited on by a chef.  

      I grabbed a tray and got crêpes filled with some gray filling, a croissant, and a coke.      

  I sat with Aelita and her friends, next to Odd. Aelita sat next to Jeremie.   

      ‘’I’m never bringing a water globe again.’’ Odd said. 

      ‘’Why not?’’ asked Aelita.    

   ‘’Most of my stuff is wet.’’ he said, ’’Even Kiwi got wet!’’ 

      ‘’How did Kiwi get wet?’’ Jeremie said with a laugh.  

     ‘’I don’t know.’’ Odd answered.    

   ‘’Who’s Kiwi?’’ I asked them before taking a bite out of my crêpe.

       ‘’Kiwi’s Odd’s dog,’’ a brown haired boy said as he came up. He still had a bag on his shoulder, but had grabbed a tray of food, ’’that sheds too much.’’    

   ‘’Hi Ulrich.’’ Odd said as Ulrich sat down on the other side of him. ’’I thought you said you were getting here next week.’’  

     ‘’My parents changed their minds.’’ Ulrich said. 

      ‘’Hey Odd,’’ I said after finishing my try, ’’You were right, French food is way better than american food.’’    

    ‘’You eat faster than I do.’’ Odd said looking at my tray and then at his. He still had a bite of crêpe and part of his croissant left.  

     ‘’Ya, and I’m still hungry.’’ my stomach growled in an agreement.    

   Everyone laughed and Aelita gave me the rest of her crêpe.

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