Spying 101 by Kiwi Lee
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       A second after I said that I jumped from my chair, making it fall back, ‘’Ohw! Something shocked me.’’

       Before I could sit back down, another shocked scream broke out. I looked over to see it was an older teacher.   

     Then it started to happen right after another. People all over the cafeteria was getting shocked.  

      I looked back to where my friends where and found they had disappeared. I saw them leave out the door as soon as a ghost came out of a socket. I ran after them, wondering where they were going. 

      I followed, about five to ten meters behind them. Just enough to keep them in sight. They lead me back into the park and got to a clearing. I hid behind a bush and watched Odd take off the cover to a man hole.  

     They looked around and then went down. Once they shut it, I waited for a minuet and opened it for myself.  

     It was a sewer line. I could hear the wheels of skate boards on the hard cement and followed it. 

      I had to jump over an area and almost fell into the sewer water. My back foot barely missed. I went all the way to the end of the tunnel where it lead out to the river. There was a ladder over a pipe with three skate boards and two scooters were leaning against. I went up the ladder and found myself on a bridge. I heard some machinery from the factory to my right and went that way.  

     Inside I found an old set of stairs that used to lead to an old elevator shaft. ’I guess they went down.’  I thought.       I grabbed a rope and swung down.   

     I didn’t want to make any noise so I went and looked for a set of stairs that went down.   

    I found an assembly line, and found the stairs that lead down.   

    Eventually I found myself in a catwalk that opened up to a big room with wires hooked up everywhere. I looked down to find Jeremie sitting in front of a computer.   

    He was talking to somebody with a hand free mike and that was attached to his ear.  

      Almost nonstop, he was typing on the keyboard.


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