Spying 101 by Kiwi Lee
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       An hour latter the power went out. I couldn’t see anything. I heard the elevator door being pried open and heard someone come in.     

  ‘’Is anybody in here?’’ a voice asked. ’’I’m lost and the elevator broke down.’’    

   He clicked on a flash light and shinded it right in my face. 

      ‘’Hey, watch where you point that thing!’’ I said coving my face with my arms. 

      He put it lower down and asked, ‘’Do you know a way out of here?’’    

   ‘’ya.’’ I said. ‘’It’s up the ladder.’’ I lead him the way I came and found out that on the outside world, a thunderstorm was tearing up the town.   

    Power lines were down, lightning was striking the ground everywhere. 

      I suggested to the worker man he should stay but he insisted he had to get home.   

    I stayed in the factory in till the weather calmed down. I tried to go back the way I had came, but the river under the bridge had flooded and so was the underground tunnal.   

    Some how, I managed to get back to Kadic.

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