Spying 101 by Kiwi Lee
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       ‘’Ulrich, dear, you’re here.’’ Sissi said with a tray in her hands. She rushed over to him and said, ’’So, what’s your answer?’’    

   ‘’What’s my answer to what?’’ Ulrich asked taking a bite out of his croissant.   

    ‘’The question I asked you last year.’’ Sissi said with a smile.   

     ‘’Oh, ya.’’ Ulrich said, ’’My answer was…uh…oh ya. No.’’ 

      ‘’Why would he want to anyway?’’ Odd said with a sneer.  

     ‘’Grrr. Stay out of this Odd!’’ she shouted at Odd. She looked back at Ulrich and left.    

   ‘’What’s up with her?’’ I asked.    

   ‘’Sissi?’’ Ulrich asked, ’’She’s always like that.’’    

    ‘’Ok.’’ I said, ’’Name’s Alis by the way.’’  

     ‘’Ulrich.’’ he said.  

     ‘’I fixed the program.’’ Jeremie said after a moment of silence.   

     ‘’You did.’’ Aelita said surprised, ’’How?’’  

     He said some stuff that did but didn’t make sense and Odd said, ’’In French please.’’   

    ‘’It was just a giant bug.’’ Jeremie said rolling his eyes.

       ‘’Ya, a bug that took our summer away.’’ Aelita said.    

   ‘’You spent the whole summer here?’’ I asked.   

    ‘’Ya, I…’’ she cut herself off.    

   ‘’Ouch, I’d hate to do that.’’ I said

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