Lyoko! The Musical by Carth
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Story Notes:

This story is written in a play format, and is divided into two or three acts.

Song List:
"My Victory"- Odd
"The Thoughts Inside Our Minds"- Kadic Academy 8th Grade
"Jump"- Sissi, Chorus
"The Attack"- Romain, Alex
"Constellations"- Jeremie
"Technological Lament I" - Jeremie
et al.

Dramatis Personae: (to be updated as the play introduces more characters)

Jeremie Belpois...a lonely genius
Yumi Ishiyama...a stone mountain
Odd Della Robbia...a cheery spectacle
Ulrich Stern...loyal but guarded
Aelita...The Princess

William Dunbar...a violent romantic
Sissi Delmas...the principal's daughter
Herb Pichon...Sissi satellite #1
Nicolas Poliakoff...Sissi satellite #2
Suzanne Hertz...a teacher

Alex, Thomas, Jean-Baptiste, Theo, Romain...8th grade boys
Sonya, Sophie, Claire, Naomi, Emily, Heidi...8th grade girls

Author's Chapter Notes:

I don't think I can write any notes that I haven't already made clear, except to thank you for reading. If you could, I'd like to know if I've characterized them believably!


(This section of the play lasts for about half an hour before the beginning of the first act. For the duration of the play, the stage is separated into two sections- the main stage, where the primary actions occur, and an upper section, suspended above the other. The main stage will be rearranged to suit each primary location; the background may be painted with trees and buildings, to suggest Kadic, but staging to suggest the sectors might be pushed in front of it, or a wall to suggest a dorm. The upper stage has two sections. The center, which is circular, is the inside of a tower, and is separated from the rest by a blue curtain. The surrounding area is the computer interface, from which JEREMIE may access the computer, and interact with AELITA more intimately.

AELITA is sitting within the tower area, legs crossed and eyes closed. She will remain in this area for most of the play. Currently, she is asleep, and light is very dim in this area. An instrumental version of another song might be playing. AELITA is dressed in her Lyoko clothes; see show for reference. She has short, disheveled pink hair, framing her face; this could be achieved by dye or a wig. She has pointed, elf-like ears, and an earring in her cartilage. She has two pink stripe markings beneath her eyes, which resemble a stream of tears.

As the actress might get bored, give her some sort of entertainment. No one can see from that distance anyway. At the time when the play is set to start, the tower area will be entirely blackened, and the actress can go and get a snack or something.)


Act 1
Scene 1

(LIGHT RISES on Kadic Gate. Faint car noises are heard in the background, and there is a brick wall that extends about halfway across the stage area. Additional staging, such as trees and an actual gate, may be used if the production company isn't a tightwad. WILLIAM is standing by the gate or wall, staring somewhere to the side; his mind is elsewhere, but his gaze is sure, even a little angry. WILLIAM is about fourteen years old, tall, with a solid stature. He has messy dark blue hair, tousled about his head. He is wearing clothes that reflect an utter lack of a sense of style- a blue shirt layered over a longer red shirt tucked into tight blue jeans cuffed over tan combat boots- but still give off a sense of power, a "cool" air, if one slightly unhinged. He fiddles with the strap on his pack, and looks around. There are several suitcases around him.)

ODD: (offstage, humming "My Victory")

(WILLIAM does not look up as ODD enters the stage, crosses it, and joins him on the other side of the gate. His vibes are a far cry more positive than WILLIAM's. He's a head shorter, with straight blonde hair that comes down to his chin and frames his face. There is a purple splotch in the middle of the hair on his forehead. He wears purple skinny jeans and a purple shirt over a pink undershirt. ODD sets out several cases as well, including a guitar case. He looks up at WILLIAM, pulls out a paper, checks a paper, and then looks up again.)

ODD: Hey, Ulrich. (WILLIAM twitches a little, but doesn't look up.) Ulrich? (ODD, perplexed, walks over and leans over into his ear.) Um, anyone home?

WILLIAM: Huh, what? (He turns to face ODD.)

ODD: Ulrich! Looks like you spaced out a little. That's okay, I don't much like waiting either. Anyway, I'm Odd Della Robbia, and according to this slip of paper I'm supposed to-

WILLIAM: I'm not Ulrich.

ODD: - room with you this year. Wait, you're not?

WILLIAM: No, I'm William. I don't know any Ulrich Stern. (He turns away.)

ODD: Really? (He puts the paper away.) Sorry about that. I'm supposed to meet someone named Ulrich here, and you just happened to be standing right here. It's only natural I thought you were him.

WILLIAM: Yeah...only natural. Right.

ODD: I guess I just introduced myself...and so did you! (He eyes WILLIAM's suitcases.) Are you new, too?


ODD: Cool! Who are you rooming with?

WILLIAM: No one.

ODD: Then why are you standing here?

WILLIAM: Because I can.

ODD: Oh. Well, that's cool too. (His bag rustles and whimpers.)

WILLIAM: Did that just...

ODD: Yes, yes it did. Alright, Kiwi, you can get out now... (As he is talking, he puts the bag on the ground. KIWI, a small brown dog, walks out of the bag and sniffs at the wall.)

WILLIAM: You didn't. (Grinning a little despite himself, but only for a second) You did.

ODD: Tell me if anyone's coming, will you? Pets aren't allowed at Kadic, and if any teachers or something see Kiwi, he's done for.

(WILLIAM nods.)

ODD: You want to give him a pat? He's real friendly.

WILLIAM: No. No, he looks busy. (If you could train the dog to pee or something when he says this, it would be a riot.)

(There's a short, uncomfortable silence. WILLIAM stares back off into space again as ODD looks adoringly at KIWI. Then, he turns back to WILLIAM.)

ODD: Hey.


ODD: It's the middle of October.

WILLIAM: So it is.

ODD: Well, it's just kind of weird that we both transferred this late, don't you think?

(WILLIAM glowers at him. ODD is unfazed.)

ODD: Well, don't you?

WILLIAM: Just because you talk to me doesn't mean I have to say anything.

ODD: (only slightly affronted) Wow, you've got an attitude. But that's okay. It adds to the whole "bad boy" thing it looks like you've got going on. (WILLIAM glowers again, ODD ignores it.) But, I won't pry. If you've got skeletons in your closet, there's no reason I have to let them out. Yet. (He laughs.) So if you don't want to talk...that's okay. But, I want to talk. You just don't have to listen.

WILLIAM: (in a slightly softer tone, after some consideration) I'll listen.

ODD: (quietly accepting what he said) Anyway, up until last week I went to a French immersion school in New York. Lycée Lakanal, nice little French flair there. I lived with my mom, dad, sometimes... and my sisters...five, give or take one or two. (His voice cracks a little, but only for a second.) Anyway, about a week into school, I stopped one day and thought, hey, I'm bored as hell.

(WILLIAM gives him an incredulous look. Some backing music begins.)

ODD: I mean, you know how when you live somewhere all your life, everyone, well, everyone knows you? Everyone's seen you grow up, go through puberty, make mistakes... (He's sounded morose through the past sentence, but snaps out of it) and all of a sudden, you find you've dug yourself into a rut. Nothing changes, nothing can't make anything change or happen. It was driving me mad. And when I had the thought, I thought, why not do something about it? 

My time won't last forever
And a loop's a waste of time
Life's not a storm to weather
And monotony's a crime

 I could live a hundred thousand years
And only live a day
Or I could make a massive change
And I could break away

 New world, new course
It's in my hands
I have the force
I have the plans
So now I'll reinvent myself
And leave them all behind

 And I declare
My victory
‘Cause my old life
Is history
This country's where I'm meant to be
This school will hold my destiny

 As you can see, I took this decision pretty seriously. My family has a legacy at Kadic; my dad and three of my sisters went here. So just an hour later I called up my dad and told him, "Dad, I'm going to Kadic." And he said, "When?" And I said, "When's the first flight?"

 A world where no one knows you is
A world where I can shine
There's nothing that I
have to do
‘Cept go to class on time

 I'll wear the clothes and get the girls
To decorate my face
As my identity unfurls
I'll take a legend's place

 They might say I'm crazy
For risking my safety
But when they venerate me
Don't even think you'll hate me!

 New world, new course
It's in my hands
I have the force
I have the plans
So now I'll reinvent myself
And leave them all behind

 And I declare
My victory
‘Cause my old life
Is history
This country's where I'm meant to be
This school will hold my destiny

WILLIAM: And he took you seriously?

ODD: Of course he did! The paperwork took a while, but I'm here now, obviously. And everything's just like I said. I've got plans for this school; and if I'm not the biggest spectacle around in the end, I haven't done my job right. (He sounds very hopeful.)

(A chime chimes the time. ULRICH enters stage left as ODD begins to sing again. He does not have any valises, but holds a paper much like ODD's. He is between WILLIAM and ODD's heights, with mousy brown hair in a shorter version of a scene cut. He is wearing cargo pants, and a green jacket over a green tank top. His voice is not sad outright, but melancholy, in a complacent manner. He reminds one of a puppy. He stares at the scene incredulously.)

New world, new course
It's in my hands
I have the force
I have the plans
So now I'll reinvent myself
And leave them all behind

 And I declare
My victory
‘Cause my old life
Is history
This country's where I'm meant to be
This school will hold my destiny

You know what, I changed my mind. I am going to pry. Why'd you leave your old school?

WILLIAM: Mm. I was expelled.

ODD: Expelled?

 WILLIAM: (agitated) Yes, expelled. I don't want to talk about it, and if I have my way I'll be out of this school before tomorrow morning. (mumbling, perhaps as a sort of aside) I told my mom I didn't want to go back to school...

 (ODD is dumbstruck, but only for a second.)

 ODD: Really? (not taking him seriously- understandably shocked, but also unwilling to discourage him directly) That's a shame. And we were getting to be such good friends, too. (short pause) So, are you going to run away or-

(WILLIAM looks even more agitated, but before he can say anything else, ULRICH steps in. He sounds somewhat bewildered, but not at all shy.)

ULRICH: Uh...which one of you is Odd? (He looks uncertainly from one to the other- he's not sure he wants ODD to be the one in purple or the one he just heard was expelled.)

ODD: Ooh! Me! (He leaves WILLIAM's side and runs over to ULRICH with renewed enthusiasm.) I'm Odd!


ODD: So you're Ulrich, then?

ULRICH: Yeah... (he forces a grin)

ODD: And I'm Odd Della Robbia, your brand new roommate!

ULRICH: So they told me (grumbling) half an hour ago... (He pulls away from ODD, and eyes WILLIAM suspiciously.) You're not my roommate too, are you?

ODD: No! This is William. (He walks over to WILLIAM, putting his arm around him.) He's gonna get expelled.

(WILLIAM and ULRICH grimace at each other.)

 ODD: (runs back to ULRICH, not missing a beat, getting right in his face) Anyway, it's great to meet you! I've waited about a month to see this place. It looks even better than it did in the pictures. (with rising excitement) So, where are you from? How long have you been here? How big is our room? Are there any hot girls in our class?

 (By this point, WILLIAM is staring into space again, ignoring them both.)

ULRICH: Wait, woah...lay off a little, okay? (ODD lays off...a little.) I guess you're excited, though I can't imagine why, but we don't exactly go way back. Maybe this is how you are, all touchy-feely, I don't know, but I'm not. So for now, let's just take it nice and slow.

ODD: (A little disappointed) Okay, nice and slow. I can do that. Maybe.

ULRICH: Good. (He checks his paper again.) Here, I've got your schedule...and the shower timetable...some basic house rules...and I guess now I should show you to the room before class starts.

ODD: Great. Come on, Kiwi! (KIWI runs over, and he stuffs him into his bag.)

ULRICH: (shocked) Wait, is that a dog?

ODD: Uh, yeah, it's not a cat.

ULRICH: But dogs aren't-

ODD: Don't you think I know that? (ULRICH looks horrified. ODD packs up the rest of his bags.) You know, I was just telling William here (he gestures to WILLIAM, who still isn't listening) why I came to Kadic in the middle of the semester. You wanna hear?

ULRICH: Uh, maybe later. (mumbles) I thought I told you to lay off... Here, the dorms are this way... I'll show you to your side of the room. (He begins to walk off the stage.)

ODD: Sweet! You know what, I'll tell you on the way. It'll make the walk less boring. So up until last week I went to a French immersion school in...(continue his previous lines until the two of them are offstage)

(They exit. WILLIAM is left alone by the gate. He looks around again, and then at some spot offstage. As he says his next line, YUMI walks in from stage left. YUMI is Japanese, and very tall. She is dressed all in black, but with none of the stereotypical trappings of any particular dark subculture. Her eyes are downcast, even as she passes people.)

WILLIAM: (unenthused) I should probably go and get a scheduele or a dorm key or something. I should, but I won't. (a little melancholy, quieter) I don't care about school anymore...

(He is interrupted when YUMI walks past. His eyes follow her, and a short "wow" escapes his lips. He stands there for a minute, as if undergoing some sort of internal struggle, but finally decides to approach her before she can walk away.)

WILLIAM: Um, excuse me...

YUMI: Huh?

WILLIAM: Hi...I'm William, and I'm new here today. Do you know where the office is? I needed to get some things there. (He is making himself look very strong and secure otherwise.) I haven't seen anyone yet, and I thought you might...

YUMI:'s right there. (She points offstage.)

WILLIAM: Really? Wow! It was right there the whole time. (He laughs.) That's great. Thank you. (YUMI begins to walk away.) So, what class are you in? We might-

(YUMI does not answer; she keeps walking offstage. WILLIAM stares after her, with a completely changed expression- where there was apathy, there is now a faint flush of excitement. He begins to pick up his suitcases. The stage goes dark.)


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