Lyoko! The Musical by Carth
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Author's Chapter Notes:

I just realized that this is supposed to be here:

Disclaimer: I do not own Code:Lyoko, nor do I own most of the plot of this fic. I do own the songs. And I rather like the songs, so kindly don't take them.

Scene 2

 (LIGHT RISES on MRS. HERTZ's classroom. The classroom is just that- a classroom. There are nine tables in rows of three, each with two students at them. MRS. HERTZ stands at a table in the front in front of a chalkboard, giving a science-y lecture about atoms. The students at the tables are, from the front downstage, ALEX and THOMAS, JEREMIE alone, HERB and SISSI, SONYA and SOPHIE, CLAIRE and NICOLAS, ULRICH and ODD, NAOMI and EMILY, HEIDI and JEAN-BAPTISTE, and THEO and ROMAIN. SISSI is reading a magazine, ODD is doodling, ULRICH looks annoyed, and JEREMIE is taking careful notes. Everyone else is doing whatever.)

MRS. HERTZ: (Lectures about atoms.)

JEREMIE: (Answers the questions she poses correctly three times in a row without a thought. JEREMIE is a scrawny boy, just barely pubescent, and no older than twelve. He has short blond hair and blue eyes. He wears a blue sweater and khaki pants, and has black-rimmed glasses. There is an earnest look on his face, but no other glimmer of emotion.)

MRS. HERTZ: Excellent, Jeremie! You've done well today.

JEREMIE: Thank you, ma'am.

(The music begins. The entire scene pauses, and the lights dim a bit. Each child stands up as they sing.)

Genius this
And genius that
She can't see he's a prick
No one cares if he's an Einstein
That pansy makes us sick!

It's obvious
He's showing off
She won't give us a call
And it's just like you said, LeGoff-
Should he upstage us all?

Look at all
Those dirty looks
He's lonely, it's a crime
So if I get in his good books
His homework could be mine!

Say a word, don't say a word
Just keep it all inside
We can't posion the air with all
The thoughts inside our minds

(They sit down. The lights go back up, but the music keeps going. MRS. HERTZ stops her lecture suddenly, and eyes ODD. She walks over to his desk, and peers down at his paper.)

MRS. HERTZ: My, that's an interesting diagram of an atom.

ODD: (unnerved) Oh! Well, yeah, yeah it is, isn't it?

MRS. HERTZ: Very interesting. Would you like to explain to the class what each part of her body represents in terms of the atomic model?

(ODD crushes the paper. The class laughs.)

MRS. HERTZ: I thought as much. A detention on your first day, Mr. Della Robbia? I hope this doesn't become a habit.

(The class laughs again, and the lights dim again as they all freeze.)

What is this?
That's not her job!
Should she care what I do?

Course not, it's only natural!

Can I see what he drew?

He's got looks
And he's got charm
My heart just skipped a beat

There's no reason we shouldn't stare
Because he
is fresh meat!

(CLAIRE and NAOMI sigh.)

Why did I
Room with this guy
He's driving me insane
Although he's charmed most everyone
They can't see he's a pain!

Though I've known
Him just an hour
He's always in my way
He only thinks about himself

THOMAS (or, for more sensitive productions, HEIDI):
Don't see why you complain.

ULRICH: Yeah, well, you're special.

THOMAS/HEIDI: Excuse me? (The lights come back up. ULRICH doesn't notice.)

ULRICH: I'd pay anyone to switch places with me, and you don't want to know why!

MRS. HERTZ: Stern! Do you mind?

ULRICH: Yes, ma'am.

MRS. HERTZ: You'll join Mr. Della Robbia in detention this afternoon, then. (He grumbles.)

ODD: (laughing) Well, at least now I know Mrs. Hertz gives out detentions like nicer people give out candy.

MRS. HERTZ: Mr. Della Robbia!

ODD: What? I'm already in trouble! (Every girl (and THOMAS) giggles)

MRS. HERTZ: That doesn't mean you've reached any limit. Another hour for you.

(ULRICH glowers at ODD. ODD grins at him. The lights dim.)

Say a word, don't say a word
Just keep it all inside
We can't posion the air with all
The thoughts inside our minds

(Everyone except ULRICH sits down.)

I never wanted any trouble
I'm only trying to survive
I can't handle all his antics
I just don't have the time

I've had no friends for thirteen years
Who says I'll need them now?
They've only brought me trouble...

(He trails off, and begins to sit back down. The lights begin to come back up...)

But I'll get to you somehow!

(Before the scene can unfreeze, SISSI jumps up. SISSI is about ULRICH's height, and has long black hair and grey eyes. She is dressed very fashionably and outlandishly; her dancing should be more active and showoffy than any of the other children. Perhaps she could push other people out of the way, or makes suggestive motions toward ULRICH.)

Day and night
I wait for you
Eight years is way too long
Day and night I call to you
But you never respond

(Even as ULRICH doesn't react to her directly, he begins to look annoyed.)

Stubborn boy
You're teasing me
I know I'm what you need
And nothing but your pleasing me
Will bring me what I seek...
Ulrich dear

Prissy bitch

Spoiled brat

Get away

No one cares

(JEREMIE stands up, but MRS. HERTZ interrupts him.)

Child, sit down! (The lights flare up.)

SISSI: (to MRS. HERTZ) And what will your boss, my father, say when he hears that I've been tossed about? Hm?

MRS. HERTZ: (mumbling) Horrid little...

SISSI: What was that? (The whole class looks over in shock.)

MRS. HERTZ: Nothing. Nothing at all.

SISSI: Yes, that's right.

(The lights go down again. Everyone stands up, except Jeremie, who sits down, looking a little disgruntled.)

Say a word, don't say a word
Just keep it all inside
We can't poison the air with all
The thoughts inside our minds

(The stage darkens.)

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