Lyoko! The Musical by Carth
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Yay, I'm doing it! This is scene 3, and it's fairly long. It even comes with its own addendum- Scene 3.5- which is almost done being written. It's not exactly in conjunction with Scene 3, but it doesn't involve any blackout- Scene 3 segues right into it.

* = "You don't deserve...died on the way down"- Back in the middle ages when purple dye was really hard to make, and thus expensive, purple was a color reserved for royalty. Nowadays, a man wearing purple is more likely to be considered effeminate.

Scene 3

(LIGHT RISES on the vending machines. It can be the same background as the Kadic Gate, but with a prop to suggest the vending machines. Kids are chatting at the sides, or going in and out of the vending machine shelter. ULRICH and ODD are standing on the outside. ULRICH is drinking something, and ODD is holding a drink, but he is busy talking.)

ODD: And then the waiter says, "No, I don't have frogs' legs, that's just the way I walk!" (He laughs hysterically at his own joke.)


ODD: See? I told you it would be a good joke. I like you, Ulrich. You're a good listener. (He eyes NAOMI and CLAIRE downstage.) I think those girls were checking me out in class today.

ULRICH: Yeah, they probably were.

ODD: As soon as I finish this hot drink, I think I'm going to over there and get myself another one. Which one should I talk to first? I'm thinking the brunette. The blonde's dress is a little hokey, but the brunette's got a nice... (He makes a curving motion with his hands.)

ULRICH: You know, instead of describing what you're going to do, you could go over there and do it.

ODD: Ah ha, not on the first date. (Da dum pish.) But they're not the best catch here. If we see that girl that sassed Mrs. Hertz again today, I wouldn't say no to a time with her. I mean, you wouldn't, would you? With a girl like that?

ULRICH: Trust me, I would.

ODD: You just can't like anyone, can you?

ULRICH: What? (defensive) No! It's just,'re insane and Sissi's-

ODD: Sissi? Is that her name? That's a weird name.

ULRICH: No, really, you don't-

SISSI: (offstage) ULRICH!

(ULRICH cringes and ODD grins as SISSI bounds onstage. Some of the other groups flinch.)

ULRICH: Sissi-! I just remembered, we have detention! (He grabs ODD's arm and begins to run offstage.)

ODD: I thought we were going to skip.

ULRICH: We aren't now! (He tugs at ODD, who is staying still.)

SISSI: Oh, there won't be any need for that. (She bounds in front of him and stops the two dead.) I told my father, or at least I will tell him in a few minutes, that you were going to be helping me with a very special project this afternoon, so you couldn't possibly attend detention. See that, Ulrich dear? An hour of free time, all for you.

ULRICH: (deadpan) Oh...well...thank you. How nice.

ODD: Hey, uh, Sis-a-ma-whoozit, do you think you could get me out of detention too?

SISSI: And just who do you think you are?

ODD: I'm Odd Della Robbia, Ulrich's new roo-

SISSI: Wait a minute, I know who you are! You're the little pervert from science class this morning!

ODD: (indignant) For all you know, that drawing was a stick figure.

SISSI: A stick figure with breasts. (or "a female stick figure" for more sensitive productions)

ODD: (thinking he still has a chance at flirting with her) Well, maybe it was, kind of like you. Except you're not so much a stick as you are- (he reaches around her waist)

SISSI: (pushing him away) Hey, watch it! You're invading my Ulrich-only bubble. (ODD is pushed back- his face holds shock and the beginnings of disgust. SISSI turns back to ULRICH, and her face regains a seductive look.) So as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, you're helping me with a very special project this afternoon- or rather, tonight.

ULRICH: (pulling away) You know what, that's very nice of you, but I'd really rather go to detention.

SISSI: Oh, no, you're staying right here. I have to talk to you. Your friend can go to detention. (She waves carelessly at ODD.) I wanted you to know that I've got something very important to tell you, and if you want to know what it is (as she is saying the next line, she holds her pointer finger up to her lips and then attempts  to put it onto his) you'll meet me in my room at seven o' clock tonight, and in exchange I'll let you out of detention.

(ODD grins, and makes a "woo hoo hoo" noise.)

SISSI: I didn't ask for your opinion!

ULRICH: And I didn't ask for your affection. Really, I need to-

SISSI: Ulrich dear, are you rejecting me? (she grabs him yet again) What makes you think you can do that?

ULRICH: Everything. Just because you think you can run every other inch of this school doesn't mean you can run me!

SISSI: Think? What do you mean, think? (There is some giggling from the students on the fringes. She doesn't notice, but turns to ODD.) Um, you. Do you happen to know what my last name is?

ODD: ...Machiavelli?

SISSI: Delmas. And do you happen to know what your principal's last name is?

ULRICH: (bored) Delmas...

SISSI: Yes, Delmas. And you know why? Because that man happens to be my father.

ULRICH: You just love to talk about it, don't you?

SISSI: (ignoring him. As she gets into her rant, everyone on the edges looks up. The music starts- think Vaudeville. She could begin to walk forward on the stage.) My daddy has two possessions in this world- this school, and me. He would do anything to be sure I was happy, and anything I ask of him, I receive immediately. Sure, it might be an inconvenient personality flaw, but who am I to complain? I have every power I could ever want, all thanks to him. One could call me the queen, the star...the diva of this school!

(She looks around at everyone staring at her) Well, what are you waiting for? (The other students participate in whatever choreography goes with this, but not altogether willingly- when Sissi turns their back on them in her dance, they should make disgusted faces at her or summat. Only HERB and NICOLAS should look anything close to happy.)

There's a thousand different students
And a hundred different castes
There's some kids at the top and then
There's some down with the trash

On top of all these peasants
Is the one they want to please
None less beautiful or popular
Can hold the spot but me

With my daddy round my finger
I'll do anything I want
The girls are always awestruck
Boys want what they haven't got

So many loving specimens
Not hard to choose and pick
But the only boy I'll ever have
Is acting like a prick

 (to ULRICH)
You've got a body like an angel
And a temper straight from hell
I'm always here to rescue you
From where the losers dwell

You're the only thing I haven't got
And who could ask for more?
If you'd just see my way for once
You'd be MY paramour

(to ODD)
You think you're competition, but
You don't deserve a crown
You jumped right off the shemale tree
And died on the way down*

You'll never get to taste the top
While I run this parade
When you see how my Kadic works
I'll make that smile fade

ODD: I was wrong about you, you're not cute at all!

SISSI: And that was my plan all along! See? I control you already. (ODD gives her an incredulous look)

 They jump when I say jump

JUMP! (They jump.)

They dance when I say dance

DANCE! (They dance.)

And if I need a date to Prom
They'd all jump at the chance

YES! (They are the only ones; the rest just all give each other uneasy glances.)

Most all my dreams can be fulfilled
Life's like that when you rule the world

ODD: Oh, and I meant to tell you. You know a few minutes ago, when I said you weren't a stick? I was calling you fat.

(Dead silence. SISSI walks over to ODD, stupefied.)

SISSI: Did you just insult me? (She tries to look confident, but is definitely visibly unnerved at the "fat" comment.) No one ever insults me to my face.

ULRICH: Yeah. It's less lethal to do it behind your back. But not as fun, I have to admit.

SISSI: Shut up, just shut up! You too! (She shouts at her chorus.) You're ruining it! You're all ruining it!

(This verse is done in a far angrier, far more frenzied tone. The crowd doesn't do their part until SISSI gives them a dirty look or two.)

They jump when I say jump

JUMP! (They jump.)

They dance when I say dance

DANCE! (They dance.)

And if I need a date to Prom
They'd all jump at the chance

YES! (The crowd doesn't even give moving a thought.)

Most all my dreams can be fulfilled
Life's like that when you rule the world

(The crowd sits back in their regular spots as fast as they can, before SISSI can tell them to do something else.)

SISSI: I'll be sure to tell my father you skipped detention today, Della Robbia! (She begins to walk offstage in a huff.)

ULRICH: Uh...wait!

SISSI: What is it, Ulrich?

ULRICH:Uh... (He looks from ODD to SISSI, wondering if his plan is a good one.) Look, I'm sorry about what I said. I'll...see what you have to say to me at your room tonight. That is, if you can get me and Odd out of detention.

SISSI: For you, of course, but he's-

ULRICH: I'll come an hour early.

SISSI: Done! Well, if that's the case, I should be going. I need to get ready. Goodbye, Ulrich sweetheart! (She blows a kiss at him as she leaves. HERB and NICOLAS get up and go after her. ODD looks after her, dumbstruck, but only for a moment.)

ODD: I have to say, I'm impressed. You made her give you a favor in exchange for another favor?

ULRICH: Whoever said it was a "favor"? She said she wanted to talk to me.

ODD: Did you completely miss everything she said? She wants you, Ulrich. I'm really going to envy you in a few ho-

ULRICH: Do you actually think I'm going?

ODD: You're not? Sure, she's insane, but, still...she's offering herself to you! That's as good as anything for one night.

ULRICH: You wouldn't think so if she'd been tormenting you for eight years. Besides, it conflicts with my Pencack Silat class tonight.

ODD: Your pancake what?

(As these next few lines are spoken, the following scene happens in the background. JEREMIE shows up, now toting a very heavy-looking backpack. He heads for the vending machine, eyes downcast. ROMAIN and ALEX, who are sitting close to the vending machines, notice him coming closer. ROMAIN whispers to ALEX, the and the two boys nod at each other.)

ULRICH: Pencack Silat. It's a martial art...thing. I have classes on Mondays.

ODD: A martial art...thing? That sounds pretty cool! Where is it being held?

ULRICH: Uh...I forgot.

ODD: Oh. Well, at least you got one favor out of her. You did, right?

ULRICH: Of course. She'd do anything for me. Not that this is unusual...every month or so she gets it in her head that she's going to-

(Their conversation is interrupted as ROMAIN and ALEX leap up in front of the vending machine entrance, scaring the ever loving wits out of JEREMIE. The next half-a-song is to the tune of "The Thoughts Inside Our Minds.")

The genius leaves
Us all behind
But now we've stopped you cold
If you want to get by us
You'll have to pay the toll

Look at this
You seem upset
There won't be any strife
If you only give to him
Your homework, not your life!

ROMAIN: I couldn't have said it better. (He holds out a stack of paper.) Do these by tomorrow, and we promise you won't spend the day in the infirmary.

JEREMIE: I- I don't- I don't-

ROMAIN: If you're saying "I don't want to not be covered in bruises in five minutes", then by all means, go ahead!

ALEX: (Trying to play good cop/bad cop) Hey, Jeremie, don't worry about this scary person. Just give him what he wants and I'll make sure you're okay.

JEREMIE: But I can't-

ALEX: Forget integrity! Do you want him to beat you up or not?

ULRICH: Hey, leave him alone!

(ULRICH finally abandons his drink and whirls around to face the scene. ALEX and ROMAIN are nonplussed; JEREMIE is euphoric.)

ALEX: Oh, so a hero finally comes to save his princess! Took you enough time. (That last remark is aimed more at JEREMIE.) What's your problem, Stern?

ROMAIN: I wasn't aware Belpois had friends. You're in our class, we know you want to see him put down as much as we do.

ULRICH: (muttering) Maybe. But that doesn't mean you actually have to do it!

ODD: Hey, uh, I'd be careful. He knows Pancake Sunsuit!


ODD: I don't know either, but I think it means he can kick ass! (JEREMIE crawls away from the scene.)

ULRICH: Odd, that's enough... I'm not looking for a fight! I'm already not in detention.

ROMAIN: But could you hold your own if you were? He said you could kick ass; I wasn't aware you could kick anything but a soccer ball.

ALEX: Yeah, Stern. Just remember, don't use your hands!

(Before this fight can begin, WILLIAM wanders onstage. All the other groups tear their attention from the vending machine scene, and look at WILLIAM with one emotion in their eyes- naïve fear. He tries to get to the vending machines, but finds that the spectacle is in his way.)

WILLIAM: Uh...can I get in here?

ALEX: You can wait until we're done, fancy pants.

ROMAIN: Hey, watch it...isn't that the other new kid? You know, the one that got kicked out?

ALEX: You mean... (The fear finally enters his eyes.)

ROMAIN: I heard he pushed a teacher down a flight of stairs, and then stabbed her in the back with the sharp side of a compass.

ALEX: Now that you mention it, I think I heard someone mention him...but they told me he burned his school down.

ROMAIN: Either way, he's a hardened criminal, completely crazy! He might kill us if we don't do what he says! (he turns back to WILLIAM, his attitude changed) D-don't listen to him, you can go right in...!

ALEX:, enjoy your drink! (They leave the stage, throwing a Euro in their wake.)

(ULRICH, ODD, and JEREMIE are awestruck. WILLIAM, having little to no comprehension of what just happened, picks up the Euro.)

WILLIAM: Um...thank you?

ODD: William! Hey! (He walks in front of WILLIAM in order to ensure that he is noticed.) That was pretty badass. If Glasses over there was still able to speak, I think he'd thank you.

WILLIAM: Oh...hey, Odd. (He does a brofist with ODD, and nods at ULRICH, who nods back.) I'm not sure what I did, but, thanks.

ODD: I haven't seen you since this morning! I guess you must be in ninth grade.

WILLIAM: Yeah, I figured you were younger when I didn't see either of you.

ULRICH: I guess that's good in some way. The ninth grade only has fourteen people; they could always use fresh meat.

WILLIAM: Yeah, there aren't too many people in my class. But it's not that bad. The classes, I mean. They're not that bad at all...

ODD: (a little confused at his cavalier attitude) Really? So how goes the expulsion?

WILLIAM: Well, about that...

 (At this point, JEREMIE has approached the group, hanging around the edges, but too scared to talk)

ODD: You missed a prime opportunity a few minutes ago! If you'd killed one of them or something-

WILLIAM: I'm not going to get expelled.

ODD: What? You seemed so set on it this morning. Did you find a reason to stay?

ULRICH: That must've been a challenge. It can't have been the classes.

WILLIAM: It's my own business. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. I'm just not going to get expelled.

JEREMIE: That's good.

ULRICH: Yeah, that's good.

ODD: (Disappointed) I guess...

(There is a short silence. JEREMIE backs out.)

ULRICH: So did you really burn down your school or was that just a rumor?

(As he is talking, THE GIRL peeks out from behind the vending machines. She slowly, very slowly, emerges- perhaps not even all the way. THE GIRL is shorter than WILLIAM; she has long blonde hair and brown eyes. She is wearing what looks like a Catholic schoolgirl's uniform, with slight rule infractions- a tight white blouse with a red tie and a school crest, a short khaki skirt, and thigh-high black socks and school shoes. She has an intermediate look on her face.)

WILLIAM: (visibly unnerved) No. I threw a Bunsen burner through a window once. It wasn't on...but that wasn't what I-

ODD: Then what did you get expelled for?

WILLIAM: I told you, I don't want to talk about it!

ODD: Hey, I'm sorry, I just wanted to know!

(As he's saying this, YUMI walks onstage, and heads for the machines. No one notices her- except WILLIAM. He completely ignores ODD and heads for her. As he does, THE GIRL disappears.)

WILLIAM: Yumi! I thought you went home.

YUMI: (apprehensive), I was just going.  I'm sorry, who are you again?

WILLIAM: William, William Dunbar. You gave me directions to the office this morning. And I'm in your class. And I sat next to you in Science. And Lit. And English...

YUMI: Right... (She is something between shy and antisocial.)

WILLIAM: Do you want something? I could get it for you. (He holds up the Euro he got from ALEX.) Or you could stay here, and talk a while...

ODD: (whispers) Who is that?

ULRICH: (he grunts) Chinese girl in the ninth grade. Never spoken to her in my life.

YUMI: I was just passing through.

WILLIAM: No, no...wait here, I'll get you a hot chocolate. It's on me, okay?

(He disappears into the vending machines before YUMI can object. As he does so, YUMI casually turns to face ULRICH, ODD, and JEREMIE. The four of them, the future Lyoko Warriors, lock eyes. Dim light floods the tower area above them, where Aelita is sitting again. She begins humming the tune to a song, "Lyoko", which will be sung in the next scene, very softly.)

ULRICH: Um...hey.

(YUMI does not respond.)


(ODD turns away and does the "awkward turtle" sign. The tension is broken when WILLIAM comes back, cup in hand.)

WILLIAM: Okay! Here...

YUMI: You know what...have it.

WILLIAM: But I want to-

YUMI: It's okay, really.

WILLIAM: (trying not to create strife with her) Hey, um...this is Ulrich, and this is Odd, and that's-

JEREMIE: I'm Jeremie. Belpois...

YUMI: Yes...I know. (There is a short, awkward pause.) Look...thank you, but I do have to get home.

WILLIAM: Okay! I'll see you tomorrow, then?

(YUMI stares at him for a second, looking hesitant, before making a tiny smile.)

YUMI: Okay. Yeah...okay.

(She breaks into a run as she leaves. WILLIAM gazes longingly at her; ULRICH and ODD are dumbfounded.)

ODD: Wow. I-cy. 

ULRICH: Does she not speak French, or something?

(WILLIAM does not respond.)

ULRICH: Hello?

WILLIAM: What? Oh, no...I mean, yes! She...

(ODD grins at him.)

ODD: Would she happen to be your reason to stay?

WILLIAM: It's none of your business!

ULRICH: She doesn't seem to take to you much.

WILLIAM: She's just shy. If I just get to know her...

ULRICH: (trying not to be keenly interested) She doesn't seem to want to get to know anyone.

ODD: And she's not even that good looking.

(WILLIAM looks angry.)

WILLIAM: You can't just judge her because-

JEREMIE: Do you love her?

(There's another awkward silence. WILLIAM is enraged for a millisecond before he finally just shakes his head.)

WILLIAM: I've got a headache. I'm going to bed.

(He walks away, leaving JEREMIE, ULRICH, and ODD alone. ODD doesn't allow any time for awkward pauses.)

ODD: Well, now that that's over with...(He eyes CLAIRE and NAOMI again.) I'm going to spend some quality time with the fairer sex. Want to join me? (He directs this invitation at ULRICH.)

ULRICH: Nah. I kinda want to be alone right now...I'm going to go do some homework.

ODD: Oh! If you go back to the room, make sure you feed Kiwi for me, okay? His food's in the top drawer of the-

JEREMIE: Um...thank you.


JEREMIE: (petrified) You know, for helping me. (Despite his gratitude, his voice still has a slight elitist tone.)

ULRICH: Oh...uh. You're welcome. See you tomorrow. Try not to let anyone threaten you too much. (He leaves.)


(ODD doesn't bother with a goodbye- he runs right over to CLAIRE and NAOMI, and, perhaps overlapping with JEREMIE's next lines, pantomimes a wild conversation with them. One by one, that group and others leave the stage, leaving JEREMIE alone.)

Chapter End Notes:

Well. I liked that. I think I like writing plays a lot more than I like writing novel formats- it's more dialogue-based and free-form, which I love. And yes, The Girl is a takeoff on The Woman from Death of a Salesman. And who is this girl? An expanded concept. More on that later.

Scene 3.5 will be up sometime tonight!

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