Lyoko! The Musical by Carth
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A musical adaptation of at least the prologue and first season of CL. Also my attempt at improving my songwriting skills by mimicking show tunes. Mostly follows the plot, with some changes and a lot of scenes written from whole cloth. And songs, of course, ableit songs that have only lyrics and no certain tune.

I have tried to make the whole thing realistically performable, but I think I took some liberties here and there, such as the extent to which you can control the behavior of a dog.

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Published: Dec 31, 2009 Updated: Jan 06, 2010
Story Notes:

This story is written in a play format, and is divided into two or three acts.

Song List:
"My Victory"- Odd
"The Thoughts Inside Our Minds"- Kadic Academy 8th Grade
"Jump"- Sissi, Chorus
"The Attack"- Romain, Alex
"Constellations"- Jeremie
"Technological Lament I" - Jeremie
et al.

Dramatis Personae: (to be updated as the play introduces more characters)

Jeremie Belpois...a lonely genius
Yumi Ishiyama...a stone mountain
Odd Della Robbia...a cheery spectacle
Ulrich Stern...loyal but guarded
Aelita...The Princess

William Dunbar...a violent romantic
Sissi Delmas...the principal's daughter
Herb Pichon...Sissi satellite #1
Nicolas Poliakoff...Sissi satellite #2
Suzanne Hertz...a teacher

Alex, Thomas, Jean-Baptiste, Theo, Romain...8th grade boys
Sonya, Sophie, Claire, Naomi, Emily, Heidi...8th grade girls

1. Prologue + Act 1, Scene 1 by Carth [Reviews - 1] (2567 words)

I don't think I can write any notes that I haven't already made clear, except to thank you for reading. If you could, I'd like to know if I've characterized them believably!

2. Act 1, Scene 2 by Carth [Reviews - 0] (983 words)

I just realized that this is supposed to be here:

Disclaimer: I do not own Code:Lyoko, nor do I own most of the plot of this fic. I do own the songs. And I rather like the songs, so kindly don't take them.

3. Act 1, Scene 3 by Carth [Reviews - 0] (3634 words)

Yay, I'm doing it! This is scene 3, and it's fairly long. It even comes with its own addendum- Scene 3.5- which is almost done being written. It's not exactly in conjunction with Scene 3, but it doesn't involve any blackout- Scene 3 segues right into it.

* = "You don't deserve...died on the way down"- Back in the middle ages when purple dye was really hard to make, and thus expensive, purple was a color reserved for royalty. Nowadays, a man wearing purple is more likely to be considered effeminate.

4. Scene 3.5 by Carth [Reviews - 0] (1031 words)

So "tonight" turned into "2 days later", all fault to the fact that school's started again. A nice little scene with Jeremie hear. I'm sorry about the drippiness of his song- when I came up with it it was the best idea ever, but it got steadily more schmaltzy as I wrote it. So I've made it skippable. I'm keeping it in because I'm not just going to waste it.

But yeah. Things are close to happening!