A Fine Mess by Kiwi Lee
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                Run Run!

               I turned back and saw something chasing me threw the park. Something went across my cheek as I ran away from something. What it was, I had no idea.

               Someone jumped out from the trees above and I turned to see that it was Ulrich.  He was in a fighting stance and was ready for what ever it was that was trying to get me.

               Than I saw what was trying to get me. A Xanafide Ulrich from Lyoko. He had his sword out and ready to fight.

               Ulrich was able to give him a few kicks and punches before he even attacked, but when he did, he cut Ulrich down, slicing him in half.

               “Ulrich!” I felt myself cry.

               Xana looked up at me and went at me, standing on Ulrich’s dead body.


              “Yumi!” Ulrich’s voice called to me.


              I looked at Xana and saw that Ulrich’s voice was coming from him.


             “YUMI!” Ulrich called again, louder this time.

               “No, get away!” I said as I turned and ran, only to find myself in a bed, Ulrich’s hands on my shoulders, trying to wake me up.


             “Yumi.” He said, trying to get me to wake up.


             I blinked and saw that he looked scarred for a moment, than his face relaxed.


            “Are you ok?” he asked.


              “I’m fine, it was just a nightmare.” I said.

               He let go of my shoulders and I hugged him.
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