When You're Too Far Away by Aqua Lyokia
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    A girl with brown hair walked onto the campus. Among her now messy brown hair were a bunch of teal streaks and one bright yellow streak. She sighed, as she gathered up strength to run onto the campus. Someone here has to know what this "XANA" thing is. I'm not going to let Bronco down again. The girl passed what looked like a dorm. She went by them, into the the edge of the campus, where there was a forest. She looked around, then looked at the ground. In front of her, was a manhole. I don't care how my clothes'll look after this, I just need to get the XANA program out of Orre. The girl removed the manhole, the smell of the sewers coming out to cling onto her black shirt, her green jacket, and her black pants. The girl ran through the sewers, to reach a ladder. She climbed up slowly, then reached what looked like a bridge. She grabbed a rope, and swung over the gap. After throwing the rope back, the girl ran, until she reached an elevator. She pushed the red button, then the elevator started to move. She leaned against the opposite wall. I need rest, maybe a few winks. She didn't realize that the elevator stopped as soon as her eyes were shut, leaving her inside, to be found by anyone who happened to stop by.





    "She's waking up." The girl opened her eyes, to find herself surrounded by three figures. One of them had blonde hair, which was spiked back. In the middle was a highlight in the shape of a flame. Another was brown haired, and he appeared to be quiet. The third had black hair, basiclly all black.

    "What the?" The girl tried to get up, her arms were stiff. "Where am I?"

    "How about France for a start?"

    "Odd!"  The blonde haired boy smiled sheepishly as he helped the girl up.

    "Guys! You need to get to the scanners! Have you forgotten what XANA will do if we don't?" The girl half jumped at the disembodied voice, until she saw a speaker.

    "XANA?" Everyone now looked a bit sheepish. "Odd" pushed the girl in the elevator, then pressed a red button. The elevators closed, carrying the girl up. She jumped out as soon as the doors flew open. Only a blonde haired kid with black glasses was here, and he was on a computer.

    "Scanner, Odd. Scanner, Yumi. Scanner,  Ulrich."

    "Hold up a second!" The kid finally turned to the girl. "Are you fighting this XANA thing?" The kid seemed a bit startled.

    "She probably heard you say it Jeremy." There were no speakers in the room, and the kid had a blue tooth on him.

    "Just who are you?" The girl looked around, looking a bit ashamed.

    "Teeleah. Teeleah Cipher of Orre."

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