When You're Too Far Away by Aqua Lyokia
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Author's Chapter Notes:

I don't own Pokemon (owned by Ninetndo, the series by Tracey West) and I don't own Code Lyoko (owned by Moonscoop). Also Alanna is owned by Tamora Pierce.

By the way, thank you all who reviewed, sorry about the infrequent updates!

    Aelita held tightly to Mightyena's mane, the course hair was easy to hold a grip on. Aelita often had to pull her legs back up, it wasn't easy to find a foothold on Mightyena's back. Aelita watched as the city apeared and disapeared, opening to reveal a lush feild, with a beautiful lake. Over the city, Aelita could see a very distant mountain.

    Mightyena jumped over cliffs, landing on all four paws, like a cat. Aelita could see a town below, but there were more ledges. Mightyena jumped once more, Aelita was caught off gaurd. She tried to once more grip the course main, but the wolf went so fast, Aelita couldn't hold on. She soon was on thre ground, and Mightyena was still in the air, jumping over another cliff.

    "Brandon! Help!" The Mightyena was down at the town below, where Brandon was probably not ble to hear. Aelita struggled to get up, despite the pain in her leg. She gave up, trying to only sit to look at her leg. There were no cuts or bruises,everything looked fine from the outside. Aelita gently rubbed her right leg, to find the area of pain. Great, it's broken. Someone should find out sooner or later. Aelita sat up, to lean against a tree. She looked at the town below, not noticing the branches above her head were moving. Before Aelita could think a thought, she was face to face, with a giant red eyed bee. Aelita screeched as she tried to get away, her leg screeming in her head about the pain.

    "Zeeeeee!" The screech filled the forest as a brown fox creature came running. Before the bee could poke one of the two-three (counting the stinger) barbs that it had, the fox jumped and headbutted the bee. The bee fell to the ground, then picked itself up, preparing the bug wings to fly off. Aelita now could take a good look at the fox creature.

    The body and tail was that of a regular fox, but this one had brown fur. Around its neck was a cream colored mane, so long that it touched the ground from its two foot stance. The little fox also had long rabbit ears, both standing straight towards the sky.

    "Are you a boy or a girl?" Aellita asked the little fox quietly. It didn't seem to be afraid of her. Aelita sighed and leaned back on the tree, first looking at the branches for anymore giant bees. Relived to find none, Aelita sat back and closed her eyes. The little fox crawled into Aelita's lap, wanting something in return. "Alanna."

    "Eeve?" The little fox squeaked in confusion.

    "Alanna. It's a good series to read. You see, its about a girl who wants to become a knight for the king, but she can't, it is against the law for girls to go and become knights. the closest legal way was to become a guard for the temple, only women could do that. So Alanna got herself up as a boy, so she could go train as a knight. She even saved the prince." Aelita closed her eyes as she stroked the fox's fur, falling asleep from the rush of events. She opened only one eye to see a lanturn lit, hearing the sounds of course fur rushing in the air.

    "Aelita!" Aelita now sat up straight, that was Bradon she heard.

    "Over here!" She called to the area she heard Bradon's voice coming from.

    "We're coming!" The reply came froman older man, probably only in his thrities. The lanturn light went in her direction to reveal what Aelita had heard, the older man and Brandon. "Are you okay?" The man helped Aelita back onto her feet.

    "I think I broke my leg." The man simply whisked Aelita onto the back of not Mightyena, but what she had thought was a larnturn, a large horse with a firey mane.

    "Rapidash, get Aelita back to Littleroot, not the lab, but home." The horse whinnied, and was ready to take off back to Littleroot when the fox jumped onto Aelita, and Rapidash. Brandon gave the man a befuddled look, only to recieve a warm smile.

    "It seems to me that Aelita, you have a little friend. I'm sure we ca-"

    "I was saved by Alanna from a giant bee creautre!" Aelita was afraid that the man would take Alanna away, or hurt it, but the man only smiled.

    "I was about to say that I'm sure we can m ake arrangements so that you can keep Alanna as your first Pokemon. She's a very healthy looking Eevee, and if she took down a Beedrill all by herself, then she is for sure, your Pokemon!" Aelita laughed witj full-hearted delight. Alanna seemed to share her happiness as well, laughing in her own the launguage, altough they were saying the same thing.

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