When You're Too Far Away by Aqua Lyokia
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Author's Chapter Notes:

I don't own Pokemon or Code Lyoko, all I own is the character of Teeleah and the plot. Nintendo own POkemon, and as Code Lyoko is owned by Moonscoop.


NOw did you think that Aelita was going to get all the Pokemon action? 

"Well, Teeleah, then another question, how do you know about XANA?"

"XANA has been taking over computers and people of both high and low ranks in Orre, as well as my own brother!"

"How did you know to come here?"

"I managed to hack into one of the possessed computers from a different source, right before my brother was possessed, seeing that the four main tarets were in France."

"Likely story, just who is your brother anyways?" Teeleah sighed, then released her answer.

"Seth, Seth Cipher. You can hack into the Orre computers that aren't possessed, you can even put a lie detector on me, I'm telling the truth!"

"Jeremie, we need some help down here!"

"What am I supposed to do?"

"Well, 'Teeleah', why not get into a scanner and get out here to battle!" Teeleah nodded.

"Right!" But before anyone could move, a flash came from Teeleah's belt, the beam taking the shape of a little mouse, only a bit bigger. It seemed to have eyes that were shut, as well as red spots on its back. The underside of the mouse was chick yellow, the other was a color between teal and charcoal. "Cydnaquil! We have no time! Get into your ball!" Teeleah held up a ball, which was painted red and white. The mouse squeaked its name, and bit Teeleah on the arm. "Oh never mind, Jeremie, sorry about this, but watch Cyndaquil." Teeleah ran off in the direction of the elevator, pulling Cyndaquil off of her. Teeleah got into a scanner as she heard the same words as before, but this time, with her name. She faded away from her body, as she was in the world, Lyoko. Lyoko seemed to be like a desert, but with a lot of giant crabs.

"Teeleah! Over here!" Teeleah followed Odd, who now looked like he was part purple cat. She now looked like aswat team member, but only she was wearing yellow, and no mask.

"Let's go!" Teeleah's whip struck squarly on the Krab, which exploded soon after. Teeleah went on through, to see that everyone was surrrounding a tower, which looked like it could cruble anyday.

"Well, Jeremie, what are we supposed to do?"

"Gaurd the tower until I can find where Aelita is." It seemed like a long wait, with nothing to do. Odd pulled Teeleah over so that they could talk, while Yumi and Ulrich stayed quiet, their backs were to each other. "I found her. You cans can go back. Devertualize Teeleah, devirtualize Odd-" Jeremie's voice was cut off when Teeleah woke to find herself in an open scanner, her body panting for breath. Teeleah walked out, to see the scanner closing, then opening, to let Yumi out. Everyone walked back to where Jeremie was, to find him trying to get an angry Cyndaquil off of his arm. Yumi tugged at it, until Cyndaquil came off. Yumi was pulling hard enough that the force of her last pull pulled both of them down, Cyndaquil landng on her chest. Cyndaquil hugged Yumi, as it seemed.

"Well, it seems like it likes ya Yumi."

"Get it off of me! That tickles!" Yumi laughed as Cyndaquil ran around, tickling any spot that it could find.

"Yumi, you need to tell it to stop." Yumi did so, enabling her to get up. "Tell ya what, You guys help me purify that Cyndaquil, and Yumi, you get to keep it, and I'll help you guys battle XANA until it's out of Orre!" 

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