A Distant Land by fyora936
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Author's Chapter Notes:

(A/N) This was my first fanfic, so I hope y'all like it. It came to me while on another code lyoko webbie, so there's a great influence on a made-up couple of Odd and Ria. Enjoy!

"Hey, Mark?"

"What, Ria?"

"When do ya think Daddy'll let us go to the other world?"

Mark looked at his little sister. The walls of the way tower they were inside swirled. He thought for a second. "I don't know, Ria." he replied suddenly.

Ria sighed and fiddled with her bow. "Well, it should be soon. What if that Aelita girl comes in here? We'll be as good as dead!" she responded. She stood up, ready to take a walk. She started towards the exit of the tower.

"Sis, Dad said---"

"I don't care what Dad said. I'm doing what I say."

She exited the tower, into a battle. A boy with a purple streak down his blond Elvis-style hair missed the Kankrelat he was shooting at and hit Ria. Mark was outside of the tower, as well. "Ria!" he cried.

Ria slowly disappeared, off of Lyoko. She half passed-out. When she awoke, she was in the boy that had shot her's arms, with a blond boy with glasses, a boy with brown hair, a girl with short black hair, and Aelita (The one with the pink hair) were staring at her. The boy with glasses spoke up. "How did you get onto Lyoko?" he asked.

Ria couldn't answer. She had no recall of how she became trapped in that land with her brother. She sat upright. "Mark???" she asked, rather scared. She had never been without her brother before. Why start now?

The brown haired boy reached down and put a hand on her shoulder. "Who's Mark?" he asked.

Ria scrambled to her feet. She started to nibble on her fingernail. "Mark...He's my brother." she stated, tears forming in her eyes.

The boy that had shot her before stood as well. He put both his hands on her shoulders. "It's okay. Tomorrow, we'll go see your brother. I promise." he said.

Ria whipped around to face him. "To-to-tomorrow? What's tomorrow?" she asked.

The boy with glasses nodded. "Tomorrow is after you go to sleep." he replied.

"Okay...Now, who are you exactly?" she asked.

Aelita stepped forward. "I'm Aelita"

The brown haired boy's turn. "I'm Ulrich"

The Elvis-haired boy. "I'm Odd"

Glasses boy. "I'm Jeremy"

The final person. "I'm Yumi"

"And, I'm Ria. But, where am I supposed to go? I mean, I don't have a home here!" she added, rather quickly.

"Oh, that's simple!" said Odd.
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