A Distant Land by fyora936
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{How's that simple?} She thought, wanting to say something, but her lips refusing to move.

Odd grinned. "We'll get you into our school." he replied.

Jeremy nodded. "It'll take some time." he said, turning to his computer. He began to type feverously. He tapped enter and turned to face them. "Ria Sarov, you are now officially enrolled into Kadic." he said with a smile, obviously proud of his work.

Ria grinned from ear to ear. "Thank you. All of you." she smiled.

"And" continued Jeremy, "You'll be roommates with Yumi, so you won't get lost. You'll be in our classes, and during classes you'll be Aelita's lab partner."

Yumi smiled. "You're one of us now." she said somewhat happily.

Ria started towards the computer. She pointed at the headset. "Can I use it?" she asked.

Jeremy nodded. "Go right ahead."

She picked it up and propped it onto her ear. "Mark?" she asked.

No answer.

"Mark? You there?" she tried again.

Still no answer.

She choked back tears. "MARK???" she asked, half yelling.

No answer, but there was a voice in her head. She fell to her knees. -Mark's not there, you insolent fool- was what the voice said. A pain rung through her ears. Her sight blurred. "Help-" was all she could manage. She passed out, then and there.




When her eyelids batted opened, she wasn't in the factory, although Odd and Yumi were next to her. {What am I on? A bed?} she thought.

"Good, you're alive!" cried Odd, laying his head on her shoulder. Ria pulled her hand through his hair slowly, enjoying the feel it gave off.

"Odd's been worried sick!" Yumi informed.

Ria looked out the window at the sunlight pouring in. "Where am I, Yumi?" she asked, knowing that Odd would barely be able to respond.

"In the infirmary."

"Is it tomorrow?"

Yumi nodded. Ria sat upright. She glanced around. No nurse. "Can we go to Lyoko? To find Mark?" she asked in a hushed tone.

Odd looked up and nodded. "We'll go right away." he responded.
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