Soulbound by metrunui1
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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is a teachers confrence FYI, the names can be found on the Lyokofreak site under the class pictures...

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           “Personally I don’t understand it.” Suzanne Hertz said, “Ulrich and Yumi have never really been ones to cause a fuss. They stuck with their group and left most others alone.”

            “We all have known they are good friends,” Michel Rouiller said, “Every morning they would spar just for fun. Heck, I’ve even watched them a couple of times.”

            Jean Pierre nodded, “That’s true, but it still doesn’t justify the incident in the cafeteria, or that they slept together.”

            Suzanne nodded, “It seems out of character for Ulrich. Normally he’s so distant I can hardly get him to focus on his work.” Several other teachers nodded.

            “I think I can explain it.” Hans Klotz said, setting down his coffee.

            “Okay Hans, you have the floor.” Jean Pierre said.

            “We all know the two of them are friends, we have established that. We also know that Miss Ishiyama was informed of the family moving last night.” Suzanne nodded, “And it has come to our attention that Mister Stern and Miss Ishiyama have recently started dating. I believe that when she was told about the move she felt severely betrayed by her parents, and wanted to be with someone that she trusted and understood her. So, that would lead us to someone within that group. I think that she chose Ulrich because she had gained a major bond with him.”

            “That still doesn’t explain why they slept together.” Gilles Fumet said.

            “That’s easy.” Michel piped up. “She had just had a major fight with her parents. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I got into it with my old man the last person I wanted to be around was him. I think the reason she stayed with Ulrich was that she needed a shoulder to cry on.”

            Hans nodded “Exactly.”

            “I see.” Jean Pierre said thoughtfully, “Then the situation this morning must have come about with the combining of stressors.” He turned to the rest of the staff. “I think that minor consequences for those two. My daughter on the other hand I believe should receive two nights detention for provoking a fight, agreed?”

            “Agreed,” Responded the staff.

            “Okay then, this meeting is over.” Jean Pierre said.

            Suzanne stayed sitting while the rest of the staff left. “Jean, I think that we should keep a close eye on those two, just in case.”

            “I understand, and have already taken that into consideration; I’ve instructed Jim to make double sweeps of the boy’s dormitory hallway.”

            “Thank you sir.” Suzanne said, and then left the room.

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