Soulbound by metrunui1
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Author's Chapter Notes:
This was a fun chapter for me...but i will warn you now: ODD LOVERS LOOK AWAY!
“Milly,” Tamia said, looking at me “Are you going to eat those potatoes or are you just going to play with them?”
“Hm?” I asked, looking up, “What?”
“Ugh, girl, get a grip!” she said, “So Ulrich’s going out with someone else, it’s not the end of the world!”
“He’s the only boy who ever looked at me.” I whispered. “No one else seems to care.”
“Milly, there are plenty of other guys around; all you have to do is look.” Tamia scolded.
“But none look at <i>me</i>, so why should I give someone attention if they are never going to return it?”
“Milly, have you ever even tried?”
I looked away, “No, I was waiting for them to look my way. I really don’t feel like falling for a guy and then getting burned.”
“A little late for that.” Tamia mumbled, shaking her head. “I mean, if you have never tried how do you know what is going to happen?” I looked at my feet, knowing what was coming next. “That is your problem, don’t just wait for them to come to you, you have to get out there and go to them. I mean seriously, if you actually did that you would find out there is a guy who is just begging for you to notice him.”
“What?” I asked, taken aback.
Tamia rolled her eyes “I’m serious you’ve been so caught up in Ulrich that you have never noticed the guy who actually wants to be with you.”
“Who?” I asked, half suspicious, half excited.
A pair of arms came from behind me and wrapped around my shoulders. “You have three guesses and the first two don’t count.” A familiar voice said.
I gasped the face that went with the voice popping into my head. I whirled and there was Odd Della Robbia! “Odd?” I squeaked, then my shock turned into fury. I stood up, untangling myself from his arms, and punched him as hard as I could. “Do you think this is a joke you asshole?” I screamed as Odd blinked and rubbed his jaw. I kicked him in the shin. “Well I’m not laughing!” I turned and ran out of the cafeteria, crying.

“Damn it!” I yelled and threw my pillow against the wall. <i>How could he be so mean? All he is interested in is pulling pranks and being funny. He doesn’t give a shit on what other people think!</i> I thought, letting my tears stream down my face. Plus he had done that in front of the entire cafeteria! Sissy was going to have a hay day when she found out. She was always picking on me as is, and this was going to make it worse. “I’m going to kill him.” I whispered to myself.
“Why?” someone asked, making me jump, I hand thought that I was alone. “I only said I liked you.”
I spun around, already swinging. “Damn you!” I yelled as he caught my hand. “Every time I think I’ve hit rock bottom you show up and make things worse!” I swung at him again with my free hand.
“I really didn’t mean to.” He said, his voice obscenely calm. He caught my other hand and held on. “I just want to be with you.”
“<i:>Fuck off ass hole!</i>" I yelled trying to pull free.
"Calm down, I just want to talk." Odd said, "Please."
"Just go away." I said, my tears flowing like a river. "Just go away."
He pulled me close, pinning my arms between us, and hugged me. "I'm sorry." He said softly, "I really am."
"Why?" I asked "Why are you doing this to me?"
"I care for you." he said, "I've never felt so much for a single person since... Since my parents died."
I froze, "What?" I looked at him, and for once he wasn't smiling.
"My parent's died in a car crash when they went to America. That was four years ago. Mr. Delmas was one of my dad's old friends, so he let me come here untill I could... untill I can go on my own." His voice was ddeper, as if he were lost in his memories. "I was depressed for a long time. I probably would still be in a mental facility if I hadn't come out of it."
"Mental facility?" I asked, shocked. The only way that I had ever seen Odd is when he was bouncing off the walls. Most of the time he acted like he didn't have a care in the world.
Odd released me and pulled up the sleaves of his shirt. "I did this a lot so they put me up untill I got better." he said then showed me the insides of his arms. I gasped, as I saw the pink and white scars that criss-crossed his arms.
"Holy shit." I whispered, "You did all this?"
"That's why I was there. I was a threat to both myself and others." He said, as I traced the paths of some of the scars. He shuddered but didnt pull his arm away. "Thankfully I was able to heal there."
"Crap." I said, half hypnotised by the patterns.
He put a hand on my chin, making me look at his face, "Will you be my girl Milly?" He asked, his voice that rich, deep tone. "Will you be with me?"
I paused. "I..." I felt his shoulders slump, as if in defeat, "I'm not sure." I pulled him into my arms "Let's try it for a week and see what happens."
He hugged me tightly "Thank you." he said, then kissed my forehead, "Thank you.

"There must be something in the water." Tamia said, looking at mee with a sly grin, "You go from hating him one moment to going out with him the next."
I looked down, blushing, "It's only a trial period," I said.
"I still dont understand; what made you change your mind?"
"A lot of things," I said, thinking of the long ranks of scars on Odd's arms. "He really just needs someone to be with."
”Is it you that needs someone or is it him?” Tamia asked.
“I think it is both of us.” I said after a while.
“Good, cause I know you don’t seem to be the type to take advantage of someone, but I just wanted to be sure.” Tamia said.
“Hey!” I shouted, hurt.
“I know,” Tamia said, “And I’m happy that you aren’t one of those girls who will go out with some mutt just for the title of going out.”
“Like Sissy,” I said, and we both burst out laughing.
“Yeah, exactly,” Tamia said, “I hope for your sake that things turn out fine.”
”I don’t hope,” I said “I know they will.”
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