Soulbound by metrunui1
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Author's Chapter Notes:
This was a fun chapter to write. Yes I have a sibling and it helped when writing this chapter. BTW the calculation for the 250 franks to dollars is about $50 US currancy.

            I was shocked; he’d finally asked me out! I had half given up on him, and her he was asking me out. I told him that I would call him if I had to watch Hiroki then rushed home. “Mom?” I called, dropping my bag by the door.

            “In here!” she responded from the kitchen. I instantly went in and sat down at the table. My mom took one look at me and sat down, smiling. “Who is it?”

            “What?” I asked. Was I that obvious?
            “I’ve never seen you so dreamy eyed before,” she said, “So who’s the guy?”
            I felt my face turn pink. “It’s Ulrich,” I mumbled.

            “’Bout time!” she said, smiling wider, “Every time you were talking about him your eyes would light up.”

            “MOM!” I moaned, embarrassed.

            “So when is the date?” she asked, serious now.

            “Tonight,” I answered, “He’s taking me to Erato Park!”

            Mom blinked “Tonight? Did you forget that your dad and I have a business meeting tonight?”

            “I don’t care. I’m not babysitting Hiroki.” I said stubbornly.

            Mom sighed, “I hope that I can convince your father of this.” She said, then smiled, “You go get ready, I’ll see what I can do.”

            “Thanks Mom!” I said as I bounded out of the room.


            I decided to take a shower and put on a nicer outfit, after all how many first dates have I had before, one, maybe two? Ulrich was the first guy that I had realy liked in a long time. After all those times he had saved my during Xana’s attacks I know that he felt the same way. What if he doesn’t? the thought came, unbidden into my mind. You might like him but what if he only wants you for sex? I shook my head and stepped into the shower, letting the steaming water wash the thoughts away. Ulrich would NEVER do that to me! When I got out of the shower and put I decided to put on a black and red plaid mini-skirt and a black midriff bearing sweater with red embroideries around the cuffs. I then froze, looking at the bottle of perfume that my uncle had gotten me for Christmas, and then smiled.


            When I reached the bottom of the stairs I heard a low whistle. I turned to see my dad standing there, looking absolutely shocked. “Wow, you’re really going all out for this kid!” he said, then frowned, “I’m guessing that you won’t be willing to baby-sit tonight.”

            “That’s right.” I said, grabbing my good shoes.

            “Would you be willing to put it off tonight if I paid you triple allowance this week?” he asked, looking me in the eye.

            I was surprised, triple allowance on the first bribe? That was Two hundred Fifty franks!  I shrugged “Sorry, no sale!” I said.

            “Triple and a raise to ninety five a week!” I shook my head and his jaw dropped. “Please Yumi! This meeting is extremely important. Is there anything, anything at all, that would make you stay?”

            “Sorry Dad, but I’ve waited far too long for this just to give it up!” I said and then walked out the door.

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