Soulbound by metrunui1
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Author's Chapter Notes:
I ran into a lot of difrent problems for this chapter, I hope you think it turned out right!

Wow, what a night! I thought, flopping down on the bed, Yumi’s image cemented in my mind. I sighed, the day had been perfect. I lay there, absorbed in the memories for a long time, undisturbed. Thankfully Odd seemed to be considerate enough to leave the room and leave me alone. I lay there in the dark silence, enjoying the lingering feeling of her skin against mine. Now if only she had been a little bit closer. I thought, and suddenly the image of Yumi popped into my mind again, only this time she wasn’t wearing any clothes. NO! I thought, shaking my head to dislodge the image. That’s the last thing that I want on my mind right now or I’ll NEVER get to sleep. I Covered my eyes with the back of my arm, trying to relax. Then my phone started ringing, startling me. Who is calling me at this time of night? I thought, looking at the caller ID, Yumi? Why would she be calling me? “Hello?” I asked.

    “Ulrich,” It was Yumi alright, but her voice echoed with pain “I need some help.”

    I jolted up, all senses on alert. “What happened? You hurt?” I asked, hoping she wasn’t.

    “I’m fine,” She said, her voice catching, “I just need some help, can you meet me in back of the dorms?”

    “Sure, what is going on?” I asked, still worried. I had hardly ever heard Yumi like this before, and when I had she was extremely upset. What the hell had riled her up this much?

    “I’ll tell you when I get there,” she said and ended the connection. I was out the door within seconds, only to run smack into Jim.

    “Shit!” I whispered, busted.

    “Hey, back to bed Stern!” he ordered, “It’s past 21:00 , you know the rules.”

    “Sorry Sir,” I said, “Yumi’s in some sort of trouble, she asked me to wait outside for her.”

    “Huh, you think that I am going to fall for that one? Do you think that I am that stupid?” Jim snarled, crossing his arms.

    “I’m serious!” I said, furious. He looked me in the eye, “You know what type of trouble that she is in?” he asked, finally deciding that I was telling the truth.

   I shook my head “No, I don’t. But she sounded really upset about something.”

    Jim stood there for a few seconds, thinking, “Fine, you have ten minutes. If you aren’t back by then you can expect major trouble, got it?”

    “Yes sir,” I said, then started for the back door “Thank you sir!”

   “And no funny business, ya’ here?” Jim called after me.


    When I got to the school I saw Ulrich immediately. I ran up and tackled him with a hug, letting his warmth, his scent surround an enclose me. I felt so much better just having him around; he was my anchor to this world. An anchor that I clung to in this tempest of pain and emotion.

    “Yumi!” he said, startled, “What is going on?”

    Pain welled up again as the memory of that short conversation filled my mind. “I’m…I’m moving!” I managed to say before I collapsed into tears. I gripped his shirt, pulling him close, crying into his shoulder.

    He stood there for a while, silent, hugging me. "Are you sure?" he asked, and I nodded, and he pulled me closer.

    I pressed against him, refusing to let him slip away from me "I don't want to go!" I said, and let the tears take over.


    After a long time of her crying Yumi fell silent. I waited, unusually calm. I should be crying too, but why can't I? I thought, then tapped her shoulder. She looked up at me, her eyes bloodshot. "I'd better go in, before Jim gets suspisious." I whispered, she just clung to me tighter. "Come'on. Go home and get some sleep." I said, brushing a loose lock of hair out of her face.

    "I don't want to go home." She said, burying her face into my shoulder again. "I want to be with you."

    "What?" I asked, shocked. Had she just said that?

    "Please," she said, "Don't make me go. I want to be with you!" Suddenly the image of her naked again filled my mind. I quickly stomped it down again. Damn it! I thought, Why can't I keep a clean mind around her? I felt my face turn red. "Ulrich?" she asked, a subtle amount of pressure adding to her embrace.

    "It's fine, you just caught me off gaurd." I said, giving her shoulders a light squease. "Come'on. Let's go."

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