Soulbound by metrunui1
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Author's Chapter Notes:
I'm sorry it took so long for me to get this to you guys, I've had a few dificulties.
As always i do NOT own any of the Code Lyoko charicters
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“Uh,” I stuttered as Yumi flopped down on a bed.
“What?” She asked, looking at me tiredly. She looked as if she had just gone through three XANA attacks consecutively!
“T-that’s my bed!” I stammered. She blinked once, the scooted over a bit, leaving enough room for another person. Shit! Is she trying to kill me? I thought, then after a moment of hesitation I sat down on the bed. Then again I might not have the chance to really be with her again. I lay down then Yumi hugged my arm; her face pressed into the hollow of my shoulder, and fell asleep. The warmth that spread throughout my body was amazing. Every place that it touched fell into a serene bliss that began to permeate my entire being. To think, I thought as I began to doze off that I’d be able to sleep at all. It’s nuts! Just before I fell asleep I recognized the faint hint of a subtle, sweet, flowery scent that seemed to cushion the air around us.

The first thing that I noticed was that I was warm. Normally I would wake up half freezing because I had kicked off my blankets in my sleep. The next thing that I noticed was the slight pressure on my chest. Damn it, how many times do I have to tell Odd to keep Kiwi off of my bed? I thought as I moved to shove the dumb animal off.
“Don’t move,” a voice said quietly.
“Huh?” I asked, opening my eyes for the first time. It wasn’t Kiwi; it was Yumi, the side of her face pressed into my chest.
“You have a strong heart,” She said, her voice still soft. She yawned, “It’s real relaxing.”
“Uh, thanks?” I said, confused for a sec, why was she here? Then yesterday came crashing back, the date, the park, and the pain. Damn, this is insane; I just slept with the girl that I have had a crush on for about two years now. It is like I just jumped off a bridge, now I have no control whatsoever on what the hell is happening.
“Ulrich?” Yumi asked, “You okay?”
“Yeah, things are moving a little fast at the moment that is all,” I said, then took her hand “I’ll be fine.” She smiled and went back to listening to my heart. This is going to get real interesting real fast.

We lay like that, in silence, for ages. Suddenly the door flew open and Odd walked in, making us jump. He turned and his eyes got huge. “Yumi?” he asked, “What are you doing here?” then looked around “Oh, shit, on second thought I don’t want to know.”
“Jesus. Odd, get your mind out of the gutter!” Ulrich said, turning red. “It’s too early for that sort of thing!” I buried my face in Ulrich’s chest, feeling it burn with embarrassment.
Odd shook his head, “Fine,” he said, and then turned to me “Hey, Yumi, nice outfit.”
I looked down at the rumpled and dirty clothing from last night. Shit! I thought; This is just perfect, I can’t war this home! I went through various options of procuring an outfit. Home was defiantly out of the question; they’d be waiting for me.
“Odd, can you tell Aelita to expect company, please?” I asked, my voice soft, wishing I didn’t have to do this.
“Huh?” he asked, evidently trying not to pay attention to me or Ulrich.
Damn it! I thought, rubbing my temples. Boys can be such idiots sometimes! “Never mind!” I said, getting up, “I’ll do it myself.”
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