Soulbound by metrunui1
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Author's Chapter Notes:
This was a fun chapter to do up! I hope you guys like it!
“Wow,” Aelita said, smiling at me.
“Yeah,” I responded. I’d just told her what had happened last night.
She looked down, her face suddenly shadowed. “I wish I could be like that with Jeremie.”
“Hey,” I whispered, “Jeremie loves you. Not that many boys are that devoted, Jeremie is one of the rare ones.”
“I know, it’s just…it seems like, like he is more into fighting XANA now than he is helping me.” She said, her voice soft almost hurt.
I put a hand on her shoulder, “Aelita, Jeremie’s been, well, obsessed with you since he met you.” Obsessed doesn’t even cover it! I smiled “He’s put himself through hell for you. I don’t think that he will loose interest at all.”
Aelita smiled a bit, “Yeah, I guess so.” She looked up at me, “I just wish that he would show a bit more interest in me every now and then. I am happy that he is trying to get my father out of Lyoko, but it’s just difficult to do this when he is so, um, determined to do it.”
“Yeah, Jeremie is one of those people that if you put a challenge in front of them, they will spend as much time as they can to figure it out.” I said smiling, “Just look at how many sleepless nights he had when he was first trying to materialize you. Just give him a little time.”
Aelita laughed, “Yeah, I guess you’re right, he is rather stubborn.” She then gave me a once over, and smiled evilly “And yes I do think I have something that you could wear.”

“No! I said indignantly, “Not even if you paid me!” I could feel my face burn with embarrassment.
“Too bad,” Aelita said, pushing the outfit into my hands. “It’s either that or going home and dealing with your parents.”
Shit! I hate it when I’m put into this sort of situation. “Aelita,” I pleaded, “Are you sure that there is nothing else, nothing at all?
“I’m sure,” Aelita said, “Try the shirt on, I don’t really know if it will fit you.”
I reluctantly pulled on the shirt and started buttoning it up. This is so uncomfortable. I’m going to die of embarrassment before the end of the day! I thought, mechanically buttoning the shirt until I got to the second to last one. Oh no, I thought and tugged harder “SHIT!” I moaned.
“Great it fits!” Aelita said, glancing at me.
Fits? How can you say this fits?” I asked, franticly working at the button. Unfortunately; I was going nowhere.
Aelita smiled “It works doesn’t it?”
“It shows half my chest!” I said, abashed.
“You’re fine, trust me,” She said, then grinned wickedly, “Plus, with your size you can afford to show a little more skin.”
“NO FAIR!” I cried, my face burning fiercely, “It’s not my fault that my chest has exploded!”
Aelita covered her smile, “I know!” she said, and then lowered her hand now that her face was under control, “But really Yumi! If what you are saying is true Ulrich deserves to see you at your best.”
I looked down, “Fine,” I mumbled, “But I’m only doing it for Ulrich.”
Aelita just smiled “I thought so.”
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