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I'm the biggest Lyoko freak at my school. I have ether read or seen every episod. I'm also in LOVE with Odd. Last year ny name was Anita Della Robbia and Kiwi Lê.
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Summary: Has to be about a teacher baning Christmas decorations at Kadic. I know it's not Christmas or any time around it but I've been trying to do this for months and can't make the words flow. So go at it. You can add and take some charaters but I'd wish you to stay to the list. I can't wait!
Categories: None Characters: Aelita Hopper, Herb Pichon, Hiroki Ishiyama, Jeremie Belpois, Milly Solovieff, Nicholas Poliakoff, Odd Della Robbia, Sissi Delmas, Tamiya Diop, Ulrich Stern, William Dunbar, Yumi Ishiyama