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A funloving Teenanger writing, uhh typing some fanfiction here and there when ever she feels. She loves Code Lyoko, and would love YOU if you read her stories! ^^

Alright, I'm pretty fond of most couples shown and not shown on Code Lyoko, including YxU, AXJ and OXS, BUT BUT!! I kinda flip seeing Jeremie and Yumi paired together..It makes me think, 'What about Aelita and Ulrich?!' but I happen to think AxU isn't THAT cute, Yumi and Jeremie's cuter..but- SORRY ULRICH! XP

I get bored, quickly. Which is kinda good for peoples who like my stories because when I'm bored, I update, or make a new story. I don't really watch Code Lyoko too much anymore, I get home from school right when it's credits are on (Crud) But I do watch it from recorded episodes I find here and there. If there's any kinda holiday coming up or a long break, you better believe I'm on here updating, 'cuz I happen to think it's a lot of fun, and it burns up the time of days for me. I mean, it's better than homework, anyway. I also enjoy reading other's Fanfictions about..pretty much any kind of show I know about.

I have 2 favorite charries of CL: Jeremie and Odd. But i love Odd with all my person. HE'S NOT REAL BUT HE'S MINE! SOO BACK OFF!
     Which is ironic for me, since I have a story OddxSissi. I MUST BE STUPID! Which I am, I'm crazy. I'm not afraid to announce it, but I'm only occasionly crazy, being 13 really does that to me!

Now, being such a young teenager I have my problems and I can't say I'm on ALL the time, and because I have like..alot of stories, you can believe I'm not going to update JUST one, if you feel. You can e-mail me and request or something. I just luv typing! ^.^

Now, I DO have a myspace! Feel free to e-mail me by clicking 'contact' or add me on myspace -

MSN IM: MSN IM PureDarkness
Yahoo IM: Gomo1616
Beta-reader: Yes
Gender: female
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