Code Digimon? by GarageKid
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Characters: Human

Jeremie: Age 13

Partner: Terriermon


Real World: In the real world, Jeremie wairs a blue sweater and tan paints. (CL Style) He also wairs glasses.

Digital World: In the Digital World Jeremie waires a white T-shirt with green jeans and a green bandana around his neck. He still has his glasses in the Digital world. He also has a green jacket.

Hair color: Blonde (Digital and real worlds)

Perosnality: Jeremie is the smartest of the group, but can't defend himself like his partner Terriermon. Jeremie can sometimes be stubborn, and unwilling to fight. Jeremie was the only kid at Kadic that needed convincing to start playing Digimon. Now he is the one who helps the gang through the Digital World, by useing his labtop, Jeremie can hack systems that lead to the Dark Forces of the Digital World.


Ulrich: age 13

Partner: Gabumon


Real World: In the real world Ulrich waires a light green shirt with a darker green jacket over it with brownish paints. (CL Style)

Digital World: In the Digital World, Ulrich whairs blue army paints (Camaflosh), with a blue shirt with a royal blue paw print on it. With a royal blue jacket. He also whairs a royal blue headband.

Hair color: Brown. (Digital and Real)

Personality: Ulrich is the silent type and never talks about his past. Like his partner, Bearmon, Ulrich stays focused in battle. Ulrich (Unlike Jeremie) can fight his own battles. Ulrich and Gabumon are both great at close combat. Along with being the silent type, he has trouble expressing his feelings to Yumi. Silent sometimes comes in handy when your up against the Dark Forces.


Odd: Age 13

Partner: Guilmon


Real world: In the real world Odd dresses in all purpal. He whairs purple paints, a dark purple shirt under a light purple one, with yellow sneakers. (CL Style)

Digital world: In the Digital world Odd whairs a white shirt with a red jacket over it and red paints. The jacket has black strips on the back to resemble the black stripes on Guilmon's back.

Hair Color: Blonde with a purple spot in the middle. (Real and Digital worlds)

Personality: Well his name should tell you, Odd is the oddest of the group. Living up to his name, Odd never goes an hour without making a joke. Like his partner, Guilmon, Odd ALWAYS thinks about food. He has some pretty strange cards in his deck. Just ask Ulrich.


Yumi: Age 14

Partner: Dorumon


Real world: In the real world Yumi whairs a black sweater, black jeans, and black combat boots.(CL Style)

Digital World: In the Digital World Yumi whairs a purple T-shirt with a black jacket, black jeans with a purple belt, and white and black combat boots. The outfit resembles Dorumon and his evolve form Dorugamon.

Hair Color: Real world- Black

Digital World- Black with a purple lock.

Personality: One word, tomboy. Yumi is one of Kadic's finest fighters, like Ulrich, Yumi can fight her battles. Yumi has beaten Odd several occations through Digimon. Yumi is the only character that's hair changes as she goes to The Digital World. Yumi can be short-tempered, and stubborn like her partner, Dorumon. But she is one not to complain about her temper, instead she somewhat can control it. But sometimes she can be as shy as Ulrich.

Characters: Digimon.

Terriermon- Terriermon is a white digimon with a small horn at the top of his head. Terriermon also has long ears and a short tail. He has three green stripes at the end of each ear and a green mark representing a bandana on the digimon's chest.


In-Training- Gummymon

Rookie- Terriermon

Champion- Gargomon

Ultimit- Rapidmon

DNA with Jeremie- MegaGargomon

Personality: Terriermon is brave and loves to fight. Unlike his Partner Jeremie, Terriermon is unafraid of almost anything. Somtimes Terriermon can be a handful. Terriermon has more self-esteam then Jeremie, but Terriermon is going to help him with that.

 Gabumon- Gabumon is a Wolf and reptial-like digimon with a yellow stomich and lower snout with a yellow reptail tail. He has blue fur covering his back and top of his head and shout.


In-training- Tsunomon

Rookie- Gabumon

Champion- Garurumon

Ultimate- WereGarurumon

DNA with Ulrich- MetalGarurumon

Personality- Gabumon is a careful digimon that loves to fighting. Gabumon is the type of digimon that will never disapoint his Tamer in battle. He, like his tamer Ulrich, is good at close combat. Gabumon is the silent type, like his tamer Ulrich. Like digimon, like Tamer. Both can be as stubborn as mules, and both help their friends whenever they can.

Guilmon- A reptail digimon that loves food. This digimon can seem goofy and lazy, but Guilmon is a great fighter. Like his Tamer, Guilmon only has an attention spained from one meal to another. Guilmon is a red dino-digimon with little wing-like ears. Guilmon has black stripes on his back with a long tail, and long white claws.



Rookie- Guilmon

Champion- Growlmon

Ultimate- WarGrowlmon

DNA With Odd- Gallantmon

Personality- Just like Odd. Guilmon is a 5 ft tall dino like digimon. Guilmon has just as big a stomach as Odd. Guilmon always seems hungry. Guilmon is a playful digimon and also a childish one, Like Odd. Guilmon can out-smart his tamer and has many times. Guilmon one never knew the diffrence between digimon and humans and called his tamer "Oddmon".

Dorumon- The purple dragon digimon. Dorumon can stand three feet. Dorumon is coverd in purple and white fur. along with his small wings on his back, Dorumon also has a fox-like tail.


In-Training- Dorimon

Rookie- Dorumon

Champion- Dorugamon

Ultimate- DoruGraymon

DNA With Yumi- Dorugoramon

Personality- Dorumon is a fun-loving digimon that has just as short a temper as Yumi. He can be a little on the handful side, but made his way into the Ishiyama family and is treated as a member. Dorumon was at first Yumi's dad's idea of a digimon for the card company. Dorumon is the type of digimon to do what he can when he can. He is very helpful and is great at both close and far combat. A digimon and a friend.

Now that you have read the Intro you will have no problem with the story.

If you didn't read it, it may be hard to follow the story.

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