Code Digimon? by GarageKid
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Author's Chapter Notes:

If you need help with the Digimon, go on wikipedia and type the Digimon's name and you can get a better look at it. Enjoy!

Jeremie was in his dorm unpacking. This was his first year at Kadic. His dad had given him his first Digimon card pack. Jeremie was never intrested in Digimon like the other kids at Kadic were. His dad had also given him a card scanner so Jeremie could see what the card did. Jeremie had never opened the pack yet. Instead he started walking around Kadic.

"OH MAN!" He heard a student yell. "I lost again." Jeremie turned to see a boy with blonde spiked hair was walking away from a card table.

"What's going on over there?" Jeremie asked the boy.

"Some kids were playing Digimon, and this one girl comes and I challange her." The boy paused and looked at the girl who was playing with another boy. "She beat me!"

"What is with this school and Digimon? It's just a card game!" Jeremie never understood the game.

"Digimon is the worlds best card game!" The boy corrected. "I'm Odd, just so you know." Odd put his hand out to shake Jeremie's.

"My name's Jeremie I'm new here." Jeremie said.

"I'm new too!" Odd said. The two boys started walking.

"What do you have against Digimon?" Odd asked.

"I just never liked card games." Jeremie said. "My dad thinks Digimon will be good for me to start playing."

"It is. There are tornaments, clubs and a lot more thinks that Digimon can do!" Odd said. "The cards were only made by the Japanese, but now the whole world plays DIGIMON!"

"You know alot about the game." Jeremie said.

"That's because it's my favorite!" Odd said.

"Even though you were beat by a girl?" Jeremie asked.

"Some people are better then I am." Odd said. "That will all change when I'm the world champ." Jeremie was interested in this game now.

"Hey, my dad got me my first deck. You can teach me how to play!" Jeremie said.

"OK." Odd said as thhe boys raced of to the dorms. Jeremie opened his pack.

"WOW! some of these cards are rare." Odd said. "You lucked out with your first deck! When you get more cards you can make you deck more powerful!"

Odd was teaching Jeremie how to play.

"All you have to do is get six of your opponents monsters out before they do!" Odd said. "But coz this is practice, we will only do two." Odd continued to teach Jeremie the basics. He tought him how to digivolve, when he could do it, what the power ups could do, and how to use the scanner.

"If you hook the scanner to the computer you can play against people on-line." Odd said. "Hey, what's your favorite Digimon so far?"

"I like Terriermon." Jeremie said as he held up the Terriermon card. "What's your's?"

"That's easy Guilmon." Odd said as he lifted up the card.

"Thanks Odd." Jeremie said.

"For what?" Odd asked.

"Introduceing me to Digimon." Jeremie said with a smile.

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