Introduction by zukogirl6
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The introduction to the series To Understand.

Rated: K
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Genres: Romance
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Series: To Understand
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Word count: 188 Read: 6872
Published: Sep 23, 2006 Updated: Sep 25, 2006

1. Chapter 1 by zukogirl6 [Reviews - 0] (188 words)
A new, ineresting add-on to Code Lyoko

2. Chapter 2 - Intro Continued by zukogirl6 [Reviews - 0] (104 words)
The reason of the first chapter.

3. Chapter 3 - New Girl's Point-of-Veiw by zukogirl6 [Reviews - 0] (340 words)
This is my most Code Lyoko-ish series I have ever made. This is the last chapter of the introduction. It describes the new girl's life before she came to Kadic, in her own eyes.