Not Like Them by QuinSeparable
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Summary: She always wondered why she kept pushing him away until one night Hiroki opens her eyes. One-shot! WARNING: Takes place after "Straight to Heart" Minor spoilers inside!
Rated: K
Categories: Ships > Ulrich and Yumi Characters: Hiroki Ishiyama, Yumi Ishiyama
Genres: Drama
Warnings: None
Challenges: Hidden Pain
Challenges: Hidden Pain
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Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 892 Read: 1610
Published: Oct 29, 2006 Updated: Oct 29, 2006

1. Chapter 1 by QuinSeparable [Reviews - 4] starstarstarhalf-star (892 words)

I don't own Code know that, I know that, and so does everyone else so why don't we skip to the fic....