An Odd Romance by lyoko101
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Sorry... i deleted my pokemon-lyoko story because it was going nowhere. I don't own CL

Odd couldn't sleep. He was thinking. Thinking about something important. He knew what he was thinking about would upset his buddy, Jeremie. He liked Jeremie. He loved Aelita.

The next morning...

Jeremie awoke.

Just another day of cacultions to get my friends into the fith sector, Jeremie thought. Great. These are so boring! At least materilazation and the "anti-virus" were for Aelita.

He loved Aelita. But he couldn't tell her. He was afraid of rejection.

In the cafiteria... 

"Well guys," Odd said, "It's offical."

"What's offical? Yumi asked?

"The hot ceral here is super-de-duper!"

"What are you Odd?" Ulrich asked, "a four year old?"

"Hey! Anyway, Aelita?"

"Yes Odd?"

Could I talk to you in private after class? That is unless, XANA doesn't attack."

"Uh... Sure..."

After class...

"Okay Aelita," Odd rehearsed, " There's something we need to talk about. No... I should probably use a joke to tell her that- Ahh! Aelita."

Sure enough, Aelita was infront of him.

"Was there something you wanted to tell me?"

"Well yeah! I love you and-" Odd right there realizing he had admidded it.

"Odd," Aelita said," is that true?"


Aelita touched her lips to Odd's and they kissed.

Odd blushed. 

So did Aelita.

A passing by Jeremie Bellpois took sight of this and herd the the conversation.

His heart was broken.

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