An Odd Romance by lyoko101
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Author's Chapter Notes:
sorry you guys didn't like the last chapter... Here's number 2! I don't own code lyoko.

It had been two weeks since Odd and Aelita started dating. The went out whenever they got the chance. Jeremie was still recovering from a broken heart. The group had also lost the Sector 2 the Dessert Sector, to XANA on the last mission.

"Hey, princess," Odd said to Aelita. "What's new?"


Look at them... Jeremie thought. So happy toghether. Maybe this was for the better. But doesn't my working on Aelita's materilazation program day and night for months count for anything? And I did the same thing for an anit-virus her when we thought there was a virus connecting her to XANA.

Just then,  in the fith sector of Lyoko a tower apeared... glowing red. 

Jeremie had had enough. He decided he would go to Lyoko and jump into the digatal void. It may end his life, but it would at least stop his heart from breaking. But how to get to Lyoko was the question. He'd have to ask Aelita.

"Aelita..." Jeremie asked. "Could you send me to Lyoko?"

"Sure. But why?"

Jeremie had already thought of this.
"To check it out. I've only been there to fight-"

"Same with Ulrich, Yumi and Odd."

"I wanna see the sights."

"Uhh.. Okay."

At the factory...

"Ready Jeremie?"

"Ready." Jeremie replied from one of the scanners.

"Transfer: Jeremie!
Scanner: Jeremie!

On Lyoko, Jeremie landed right near the edge of the mountain sector.

"Jeremie... Like the sights?" Aelita asked. Then she noticed he was about to jump into the void.

"What are you doing!?"

"Ending my heartbreak!"


"I knew it. You care about me as a friend. Nothing more. Don't bother with re-materalizing me. It's better for me this way."

And he jumped.

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