An Odd Romance by lyoko101
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Author's Chapter Notes:
sorrry i took so long to update. I don't own cl.

"So... Jeremie jumped into the digital void?" Ulrich asked, unable to belive what he just heard.

"Yeah..." Aelita responded glumly.

Aelita had called her friends and told them to come to the factory. The rest Aelita told them.

"Aelita," Odd began, "Did Jeremie mention why he wanted to jump into the void?"

"Something about me only liking him as a friend and heartbreak- Yes! He loves me! Odd I have to tell you something... I was only using you to get Jeremie jelous. Please understand."

Now it was Odd's turn to be heartbroken. "I need to think about this in my room at Kadic."


As Odd left, Aelita walked over to the keyboard and intiated "Code: Earth" to return Jeremie to Earth.

Aelita rushed to the scanner room to find Jeremie had passed out. After Jeremie woke, Aelita told Jeremie why she had gotten together with Odd.

"Well it worked. Oh and Aelita..."

"Yes Jeremie?"

Jeremie responded with a kiss.

Aelita merely blushed and smiled.

"Did you tell Odd yet?"

"Yeah. He was really upset. Not a joke to be heard."

"Well, let's go back to Kadic. I'd better get Yumi and Ulrich. Their upsairs in the lab."

Once the forsoume returned to Kadic, they found it in ruins.

And that's when they noticed the three materilazed Megatanks.

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